Miami Abdominal Etching

Have you worked on your 6-pack abs for years? Have you still not achieved the physique you deserve?

If you want ripped abs and a leaner physique, then let Dr. Mendieta help you fight the good fight.* Reduce that layer of fat that is concealing your abdominal muscles. If you have up to 20% body fat and you also have muscle tissue you have a chance to completely redefine your body and walk out with ripped 6-pack abs.* The procedure lasts about an hour and is performed under general anesthesia as a completely outpatient procedure. The incisions are nearly imperceptible and will fade away substantially over time.* Abdominal etching utilizes liposuction and more specifically the tumescent liposuction technique.

Abs in an hour is your reality.*

With continued exercise and diet to control future weight gain, your new six-pack abs could be long-lasting.* As an abdominal etching candidate you can expect the best possible service and results from Dr. Mendieta and his award winning Miami-based practice.*