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Big buttocks: Where does our obsession come from?

Dr. Mendieta was recently interviewed in an article from the BBC about this subject. Below is a brief excerpt from that story. For the whole article please click here:

“Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a plastic surgeon who specialises in buttock implants, dates the trend back to Jennifer Lopez’s rise to stardom in the 1990s.

“She showed how nice it can look when you’ve got the right curves,” says Dr Mendieta.

“It’s not that we never looked at the buttock before then, but it was a taboo subject. She drew attention to it in a good way.”

Demand for Dr Mendieta’s Miami Thong Lift operation – which transfers fat from other areas of the body to create a fuller bottom – has risen 20-fold in the last decade”

Underground Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mendieta was recently interviewed on CNN about the growing trend of illegal substances sold on the  black market and injected into the buttock.  Often performed by non-medical individuals, this cosmetic procedure can be extremely dangerous.  Watch the interview to learn more:

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The Body Sculpting Process

Featured Video: watch Dr. Mendieta explain the process of fat transfer.

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The Mendieta Technique

The Mendieta Technique

After many years of studying the human form, Dr. Mendieta has perfected the art of body sculpting.

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What Shape Are You?

What Shape Are You

One of the most important variables associated with buttock augmentation is the patient's initial shape.

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