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Brazilian Butt Enhancement

Brazilian butt expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Constantino Mendieta, M.D., in Miami, Florida, learned how to create shapely, spectacular Brazilian butts at the sides of the master plastic surgeons in that South American nation who first created it. But Dr. Mendieta improved on it by adding some body sculpting above, below and to the sides of the buttocks to create an even better rear end that looks like a curvy, upside down heart when healed. He learned how South American women always wanted a well-defined, shapely derriere that looks stunning when they are wearing bikinis.

Dr. Mendieta is one of the few U.S. plastic surgeons well-schooled and experienced in giving patients from all over the world a Brazilian butt through the most advanced surgical techniques. So you're likely to see some exquisite local fannies everywhere from Bal Harbour to Coral Gables.

The "Brazilian Butt"

An attractive, shapely Brazilian butt can be created through plastic surgery but Dr. Mendieta must first take into consideration what your upper, mid and lower buttocks look like.

The procedure largely depends on how much volume is in the patient's buttock and how the fat is distributed. If too much fat is located near the hips, the buttock will look square and unattractive. Answer: after making the peaks of the buttocks more curvy, Dr. Mendieta liposuctions away some, or much, of the excess fat from the waist, upper thighs and the sides of the buttocks.

The bottom parts of the buttocks are important, too. If there is too much fullness, it can make the buttock cheeks look droopy. If so, extra skin and fat may be removed.

When Dr. Mendieta is finished, your Brazilian style butt could fit in among the most attractive, shapely derrieres seen on any first class South American beach.

Or, you may be right for a buttock implant. If you are thin and wear a two to four size dress, you may not have any extra fat to spare. If so, a shapely buttocks implant can be implanted into your cheeks to give your whole rear end more shape and curve.

Butt Implant

Butt implant expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Constantino Mendieta, M.D., in Miami, Florida, who specializes in surgically creating shapely female derrieres, says a patient usually builds up her rear end into something far more shapely by having a butt implant implanted under a few layers of buttocks muscles.

Harvard Trained

Dr. Mendieta has trained in aesthetic surgery at Harvard, had advanced plastic surgery training at the Royal College of Surgeons in England and trained under world-famous surgeons in Paris, Brazil and Beverly Hills. He is additionally a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery; American Medical Association; American College of Surgeons; Florida Medical Association and the Dade County Medical Association.

In addition to doing the Brazilian butt procedure, Dr. Mendieta specializes in fat grafting, buttock enhancement and buttock implants. He also does the most requested cosmetic plastic surgeries for patients who travel to him from many nations.

Contact Dr. Mendieta for more information regarding Brazilian Butt Lift and bitt augmentation procedures.

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