Miami Kybella Procedure

Even with a fitness routine, some patients have a difficult time losing weight around their chin. Until now, the only option was invasive liposuction in and around the face. While liposuction is popular, it also increases the chance for complications. Kybella injectable is a filler that targets fat below the chin. unwanted chin fat is now able to be corrected with a clinically proven, safe solution.

Deoxycholic acid occurs naturaly in the body and is responsible for breaking down excess cholesterol and fat cells from the foods we eat. Kybella is formulated with synthetic doxycholic acid works by breaking up accumlated fat cells found in double chins. This process decreases chin fold volume for a thinner appearance.

Kybella does not deliver instant results but they do last. Patients must visit with their medical professionals ahead of treatment to determine whether or not they are a candidate to use Kybella. Often requiring over 25 injections, Kybella can result in swelling and some down time. Injections are typically given over the course of approximately 1 month.

Where Kybella be Injected?
Kybella is typically delivered in and around the middle of one’s neck. A trained physician will deliver the formula precisely and accurately. Thus to avoid unwanted side effects. Kybella is not recommended for any other area beyond the midline neck region. For other areas like jowls, liposuction is the more appropriate cosmetic procedure.

Is Kybella permanent?
As long as the patient remains active and fit, Kybella results should be permanent. Unlike other fillers like Restylane® Kybella is designed to permanently break up fat cells resulting in a permanent new chin shape.