Lip Contouring

Dr. Mendieta’s extensive training in facial analysis under world leaders in facial rejuvenation makes him one of a very few surgeons to incorporate traditional approaches with unique techniques to accentuate your most beautiful features.*

One procedure he performs routinely in Miami, FL is lip augmentation and lip contouring. Genetics has gifted some people with thinner lips while others have lost lip volume over time. Whether you are older and want your lips revitalized or you are younger and want to plump your lips, a lip augmentation is a procedure that creates stunning results.*

Resylane and Juvederm are wonderful products that we will discuss during your consultation. They help restore a natural and youthful looking appearance to your lips.* Dr. Mendieta has been a visionary utilizing fat and can also perform a fat-transfer to the lips.* This is a natural, long lasting procedure that uses 100% of your own body fat.*