Miami Male-to-Female Transition

Facial Feminization*
By softening tissues and manipulating bones, facial feminization surgery can transform a masculine aesthetic into the female equivalent.* Many patients view this type of feminization surgery as a full acceptance into a new gender identity. Because male and female appearances have distinct features, facial feminization surgery is necessary to move from one appearance to the next.* As a general rule, facial feminization softens, accentuates, and rounds masculine features. The overall goal is an oval shaped feminine profile as opposed to a square shape masculine profile.*

Forehead Contouring*
Forehead contouring repositions masculine features into feminine features.* Through a sequence of cosmetic surgeries, brow bones are shaped, eye brows are elevated, and an overall feminine appearance is achieved.* Through hairline incisions excess bone structure over the front sinuses is removed to reveal a more open aesthetic in an around the eyes.* Eye brows become arched to create a female look.* If you are considering forehead contouring procedures and have a receding hairline, you may not be a candidate for this surgery.* A thorough consultation with a cosmetic medical professional is advised.

Cheek Extension*
Male profiles are often flat and wide while female facial profiles protrude. Through the use of bone grafting, fat injection, and synthetic implants, masculine shaped cheeks can appear more defined.* As with any surgery, incisions are required. In the case of check sculpting, incisions are hidden inside the mouth for zero visible scars.*

Because every nose is different, every rhinoplasty surgery must be customized to fit the individual’s needs. Rhinoplasty begins with a small columella incision which allows access to the nasal cavity. Any bulges are minimized through a sequence of purposeful osteotomies (fractures).* The bridge and tip of each nose is narrowed and accentuated.* If any internal septum issues are present they will be tended to as the nose is aligned for a sleek, symmetrical appearance.*

Lip Augmentation*
Because female lips are typically fuller than male lips, lip augmentation plumps and firms upper and lower lips.* This type of feminization can be achieved through fat injections, skin grafting, and by injecting cosmetic fillers.* Men usually have a longer distance between the bases of their noses and the top of their lips resulting in a stretched appearance. Feminine lip augmentation lifts the newly plumped tissue to create a pouty effect.*

Mandible Reduction/Contouring*
Through mandible reduction surgery, wide, bulky jaw lines of male patients are contoured and molded into a more feminine look.* Excess bones in the male jaw are cut away to reveal a softer, feminine contour.* Incisions are made from within the mouth to minimize any visible scarring.*

Chin Surgery*
The length and width of a chin can be decreased through a small cut inside a patient’s mouth.* A physician will consult with candidates before prepping for surgery in order to create the shapeliest chin possible.* The overall outcome is achieved by cutting, adding, and reshaping the bones of the chin.* The finished chin shape will be held in place by small plates.

Tracheal Shave (Thyroid Cartilage Reduction)*
Through a microscopic, concealed incision, a main masculine identifier can be addressed.* Often called an “Adam’s apple” the trachea can be shaved to drastically reduce its appearance thereby creating a feminine aesthetic.* Patients should heavily consider possible risk factors such as voice changes before deciding on a tracheal shave.*

Buttock-Body Contouring*
As two of the most popular procedures in our office, liposuction and tummy tucks can enhance male and female appearances.* We also offer cutting-edge butt lift techniques that are increasingly popular.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery*
Our clinic offers a full array of breast enhancement options for every gender. Specializing in female-to-male procedures, patients can choose from breast lifts, reduction, and full removals.



Dr. Mendieta, is a board certified plastic surgeon, is a world recognized beauty expert and a Harvard trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He has been featured on numerous national and international talk shows, as well as teaching plastic surgeons around the world on how to perform the perfect lip augmentation.Dr. Mendieta is world renowned for flawless facial procedures that create a beautiful, natural and youthful appearance.*

Dr. Mendieta will discuss your areas of concern during the consultation and demonstrate the degree of correction you may be able to achieve in each area. A facelift does not stop the clock. It simply “resets” it. How long a facelift lasts depends on many factors including the inherent characteristics of your tissues. Also, people tend to age in “spurts” (look at Presidents before and after serving). If you are in, or entering, an aging cycle, your facelift will not last as long as someone who is not in such a cycle. You’ll notice some loosening within a few months following a facelift, but you may never regain the degree of your original aged appearance.* On average, patients may request a less extensive tightening procedure in 7-10 years to maintain the best possible appearance.*

A consultation with Dr. Mendieta is the most important step in your cosmetic journey.* Upon scheduling your consultation you will be assigned a dedicated Patient Coordinator who will be your guide through this wonderful journey. After identifying your goals, you will meet in person with Dr. Mendieta where he will evaluate you and determine the best surgical roadmap to help you achieve the results you desire.*

Overall, discomfort is subject to a patient’s pain tolerance.* The most common side effects are soreness, aching, and persistent pain lasting for several days upon discharge.* Many normal activities can continue within 7 to 10 days post-operation.* The patient should, however, be prepared for bruising and swelling that may last for up to 2 weeks.*

Be certain to listen to Dr. Mendieta when he instructs you on how to maximize your healing process after the procedure.*