Tummy Tuck Miami

Dr. Mendieta (M.D., F.A.C.S.) is a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Miami,  FL who specializes in Tummy Tuck procedures.  After completing his aesthetic surgery fellowship at Harvard University, Dr. Mendieta lectures all over the world and trains other Doctors on tummy tuck procedures and his unique  “Mendieta Technique.”

tummytuck (2)There are many reasons to consider a tummy tuck including:

  • An accumulation of excess skin surrounding your belly button
  • A weak abdominal core
  • Poor results from previous liposuction
  • Scarring from C-section childbirth(s)

While your abdomen is more likely to expand and accumulate fat after childbirth or weight gain, but almost anyone can be a candidate for a tummy tuck including those that are of normal weight and have never given birth.

Tummy tuck incisions can be incorporated into existing scars left behind from previous operations or C-section deliveries. This will technique minimizes the appearance of any new scars from your tummy tuck procedure increasing the ability to hide your operation. Many doctors will incorporate a tummy tuck with a butt lift procedure for other lower body contouring procedures. It should be noted that a tummy tuck is not appropriate for every patient. Some doctors will encourage their patients to consider other options than a tummy tuck if:

  • You will be losing a significant amount of weight in the future
  • You could become pregnant in the near future
  • You have any chronic conditions that could impact your recovery during and after the operation
  • Have a BMI greater than 40

The types of tummy tucks are as follows a mini tummy tuck (partial abdominoplasty), a full tummy tuck (complete abdominoplasty), an extended tummy tuck or a circumferential tummy tuck.




Dr. Mendieta, is board certified plastic surgeon, is a world recognized beauty expert and a Harvard trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. If you are considering a breast augmentation make sure you choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, like Dr. Mendieta. During your consultation with Dr. Mendieta he will evaluate you and discuss your goals with you.

Dr. Mendieta will then give you his expert advice so that you reach your beauty goals. Dr. Mendieta and your personal surgical coordinator will make sure you understand everything a breast augmentation entails. Dr. Mendieta will explain the risks, the potential side effects or complications as well as a detailed follow-up care plan.

A consultation with Dr. Mendieta is the most important step in your beauty journey. Upon scheduling your consultation you will be assigned a dedicated Patient Coordinator who will be your guide through your beauty process. After identifying your beauty goals, you will meet in person with Dr. Mendieta where he will evaluate you and determine the best surgical roadmap to help you the results you are looking for.

During your breast augmentation consultation in Miami with Dr. Mendieta, he will learn about your cosmetic goals and answer any questions you may have about breast augmentation. If you qualify as an ideal candidate for this procedure, the two of you will discuss your personalized surgical plan.

After Dr. Mendieta determines that you qualify for breast augmentation surgery, you will receive the necessary instructions regarding how to prepare for surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon with decades of experience is highly recommended.  For best results and the highest degree of safety, patients should work with a nationally board certified physician that is experienced and has results the patient loves. This is a highly individualized procedure that should only be performed for the patient’s personal fulfillment, and not to fit a false ideal image or to please someone else.

If you are healthy and have longed for a body change then you may be a great candidate. Anideal candidate will be close to their ideal weight. An breast reduction candidate should also refrain from all types of tobacco, including smoking. You should also be sound emotionally and prepared for the reactions of others to your new glorious figure. But not everyone is in an ideal candidate for plastic surgery. If you are unhealthy or suffer from depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Following your gluteal implant procedure, you will be required to wear a supportive garment forsix to eight weeks. Most patients are able to return to work in 10 to 14 days. After your breast reduction surgery, you will need to have someone drive you home and possibly stay with you for the first night (unless you are planning to receive professional aftercare services). Therefore, we recommend you make these necessary arrangements prior to your surgery.

Following your procedure you will be transitioned to our quadruple-A certified recovery room to bepersonally monitored by your nurse. During this time you will be closely monitored to ensure a great start to your recovery. After your surgery with Miami breast augmentation specialist Dr. Mendieta, your breasts will be placed in a surgical dressing that may include a support bra or garment. Your breasts will be tightly wrapped in a gauze dressing, elastic bandages as well as a tight, post-surgery garment. This tight and elaborate outfit is designed to reduce swelling and provide the optimum support for your recovering breasts.

Some patients may have drains inserted to help with fluid collection. Prior to going home, you willreceive detailed instructions about post-surgical care. It is important that you follow these instructions very closely in order to understand the normal side effects that may occur and to prevent any postoperative complications.

While moving forward after your procedure, be certain to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle. This will help you feel confident and look amazing both internally