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Dr. Mendieta Talks Celebrities and Plastic Surgery on “Anderson Live”*

Posted September 07, 2012 in English, Media

Board certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Mendieta recently appeared on “Anderson Live,” a daytime talk show hosted by CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper. Sitting alongside several guests on the show, Dr. Mendieta provided his expert perspective regarding the major trend in plastic surgery these days: the desire to resemble a celebrity. Dr. Mendieta explained that it is very common for individuals to bring pictures of a celebrity they covet to their consultation.  Seeing these images does not mean that he will then set out to create results that are identical to that celebrity; Dr. Mendieta simply sees it as a good starting point, allowing him and the patient to be on the same page. In other words, a celebrity image acts a good point of reference for him to clearly understand the type of shape the prospective patient desires.*

One of the female guests sitting next to Dr. Mendieta was a 45-year old woman named Ana – one of his body contouring patients. When exercise proved to not be enough in helping her attain a shapelier figure, Ana underwent liposuction of her waist and buttock enhancement using her own fat. During the show, she had the chance to stand up and show the crowd her new physique, which she says was highly inspired by celebrity Jennifer Lopez’s curvaceous shape.*

Ana’s pride and excitement in her new look (“I do still have my Latin curves, to which I’m very proud of.”) attests to the training, skills, and knowledge that Dr. Mendieta possesses. “I’m 45, I have three kids and for the first time in my life I feel sexy,” Ana said. “If other people see me as sexy that’s just a plus.”*

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