Dr. Mendieta is unique he definitely knows the woman body and is a perfectionist!*

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Dr. Mendieta is a very charismatic and charming man. He has great bedside manner and doesn’t make you feel like he is rushed. He makes sure to answer all of your questions and not once did I feel like he thought a question of mines was dumb or redundant. He gives you exact details on how he will arrive at the end result. Not only just telling you that yes he can arrive there, he tells you exactly how he will arrive which I loved. After meeting the doctor I was extremely happy to learn that he understood my body and saw the same exact flaws that I see everyday. Dr. Mendieta is unique he definitely knows the woman body and is a perfectionist! The doctor is very intelligent and polite. Dr. Mendieta when performing any surgery he is really body sculpting the woman body to perfection. Creates beautiful woman curves ? Safety and honesty for him are number one. This is very important when choosing a doctor. As for all of the office members they have all been extremely polite and sweet. So far I’ve dealt with: Angel Colagrossi their patient coordinator she is so sweet, nice and intelligent. Nancy Merritt the postoperative RN. She is sweet, gentle and always concerned with her patients well being. Andrea Labreau their surgical coordinator. She is such a sweet lady and very informative. Colleen and Maria they are the ones who answer the phone and greet you both are very very sweet and always have a smile on their face. Ellen CRNA nurse anesthetist she is a very knowledgeable, intelligent, and sweet lady. I felt at ease after meeting her as she is an expert in her field. Her past experience includes working with babies under 1 pound at Joe Diamaggio (Memorial Regional Hospital). The recovery room nurse was a sweet heart too bad my nerves were at an all time high the day of surgery that I forget her name along with the 2 surgery room nurses that were in the operating room with Dr. Mendieta. Great experience and so far great results!!! Thank you Dr. Mendieta and all his staff for everything!!! Thank you for making me feel at home and like family :)*

-Kisses, DM April 30, 2017



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