Great staff, friendly, caring, willing to answer any questions after surgery the doctor will call you nights/weekends to do so, and very skilled surgeon.*

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Dr. Mendieta has been really great. He has listened to my concerns and provided me with the medications necessary to ease any discomfort I experience. I love the way he shaped my body so far, although I am only I month after surgery I hope I stay this way and not lose my butt and hips that he so beautifully created. All of his staff are absolutely wonderful, they are sweet, attentive, show interest in my feelings, as well as take charge when I comment on my concern and communicate it to the doctor. And right away I get a response. I do not feel like a patient, they make me feel like family and this is a great feeling when going to a doctors office. I love Dr. Mendieta and all of his staff they are professional and courteous. I am very happy I came to him for my surgery.*

– Reagan F. April 30, 2017



Miami Florida

2310 & 2320 South Dixie Hwy.
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