I chose this Dr. because first off my life is more important than my booty.*

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I chose this Dr. because first off my life is more important than my booty. This Dr.’s credentials are off the charts. I’m in the Dental field and every Dr. has its patients who are not happy with their outcome at times and its normal. But I never heard of this Dr. actually burning, or deforming someone so that alone is a plus. The complaints I have seen is that they wanted a bigger butt. From my understanding on research, fat cells die and your body takes it course. You must follow instructions and hope for the best is what it all comes down too. Second reason of choosing him is because his contouring is amazing. Whats a booty with rolls on top of it? From what I seen other Doctors do. When it came to Mendieta, he gives that natural look that I’m wanting. I hope he delivers what I wished and my vision on his work stays the same. Also I want to let it be known that he is a very nice, warm welcoming Dr and his staff is not only beautiful in the outside but in the inside as well. Answers my emails and even made time to see me again because of some concerns. I hope this information helps for whoever is looking for a surgeon. Please do your research on everything. Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, staff, etc. Its one thing to want to look like a barbie (we all do) its another thing to put your life on the line for it.*

-Asa April 30, 2017



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