I’m really blown away!*

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Five month update: Wow. I have *exactly* the measurements I asked Dr. Mendieta for… I’m really blown away. My figure is gorgeous and looks completely natural… I’m a petite woman and so I didn’t want a *big* booty, just some lipo to slim down and a little bit added to my (formerly flat) butt to give it a nice curvy shape… Dr. Mendieta gave me *exactly* that. He and his staff took great care of me and had so much patience with me as I was recovering — I was afraid I wouldn’t get the exact results I was looking for, and they just kept telling me, “Wait, wait, it’s normal to be nervous but you WILL look just the way you want too, just please try not to worry…” And they were exactly right; that’s exactly what happened. It is rare to find people like this — very kind, completely trustworthy/straightforward, and beyond talented at what they do… I’m so thankful to Dr. Mendieta and his staff. Oh and I can’t wait for swimsuit season:)!!!!*

Erin April 30, 2017



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