I’m so thankful I chose Dr. Dr. Mendieta for such an important life changing procedure.*

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I had a bbl done with Dr. Mendieta and he is worth every dime! You get what you pay for plain and simple. This surgery is not something I took lightly I looked into all the best doctors well known for this procedure in Miami and went over reviews for over a year before making my final decision. Dr. Mendieta and his team are top notch the nurses were so sweet beyond belief and the coordinator Marisol was a doll and not pushy at all. Even though I was scared and questioned her several times a day she never complained once, and that meant the world to me. I’ve had several surgeries with great doctors and they can be cocky and condescending, but Dr. Mendieta is just the biggest sweetheart even though he is the best at what he does he is far from cocky and he treats you with the utmost respect. I enjoyed my experience and I’m so thankful I chose Dr. Dr. Mendieta for such an important life changing procedure. I’m very happy with my results I’m 2 months post operation and I’m not having any issues I”m back in the gym as if it never happened, but I look damn good and I get compliments daily but the best part is my results are not extreme they are so natural that people question my results they think I did it from hard work at the gym which is awesome, but lets be reaI you cannot create a shape that does not exist by going to the gym.. I can loose weight and build muscle at the gym but without surgery the shape I have would not be possible! Thank you so much Dr. Mendieta and your team for taking such good care of me you guys are the BEST!!!!!!*

April 30, 2017



Miami Florida

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