Miami Lip Augmentation Procedure

Healthy patients looking to combat the signs of aging will love lip augmentation. Using injectable fillers, we will increase the volume of patients’ lips to smooth their appearance and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.* Our trained cosmetic staff will graft, implant, and inject various name brand formulas to plump lips. Clients often see instant results with minimal side-effects or interruption from daily activities.* So if you are dissatisfied with your lips’ natural appearance, consider a consultation to see if lip augmentation is right for you.* Consider some of the following ways lip augmentation can improve your appearance:*

Lines around the lips
Lip augmentation offer patients a fuller look by targeting sagging lip lines.* Lip augmentation procedures result in a supple, firm look that minimizes the signs of aging.* Your lips will never look better when wearing lipstick.*

Corners of the mouth
Lip augmentation is also used to open the corners of one’s mouth and allow more of the lip to be seen.* By avoiding injectables, mouth corner opening results in a fuller, desirable appearance.*

Lip Definition
By defining the transition between red and white lip tissue, lip augmentation can enhance and accentuate lips for a fuller look.*

Upper lip lift
Often referred to as “lifting Cupid’s Bow,” an upper lip lift defines mouth areas without the use of injectable fillers. The upper lip line is defined as the top edge at the center of the upper lip. When lifted, the mouth gain definition and volume.*