Body Contouring

Body contouring can address excess fat or skin.* Body contouring can turn back the hands of time on your body while giving you a natural, defined and toned physique.* Body contouring can help if you have experienced significant weight loss and would like to improve the tightness and definition in your body.* Body contouring can also be the final piece to take you from average physique to that of a workout warrior.*

And the best part is that the results are natural.* Body contouring can address your abs but also other areas of your body, like your chest, abdominals, thighs and calves.


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Abdominal Body Contouring, also known as abdominal etching, removes that layer of fat that is concealing your abdominal muscles. If you have up to 20% body fat and you also have muscle tissue you have a chance to completely redefine your body and walk out with ripped 6-pack abs.* The procedure lasts about an hour and is performed under general anesthesia as a completely outpatient procedure. The incisions are nearly imperceptible and will fade away substantially over time. Abdominal etching utilizes liposuction and more specifically the tumescent liposuction technique.

Pectoral Augmentation is perfect for men who have not been able to achieve the chest definition and shape that they have worked towards.* If your chest needs more definition or more development then this procedure is perfect for you.* Sometimes genetics determine the limit to what your body can achieve on it’s own – and Dr. Mendieta is skilled at helping you perfect your areas of need. Whether through a pectoral implant or through Dr. Mendieta’s world-renowned fat transfer technique, your chest will finally look the way you have always dreamed.*

Thigh Lifts help to reshape your thighs by refining, removing fat, reducing extra skin while also improving the proportions of you body.* If your diet and workout regimen has not helped you achieve your body goals, then a inner or outer thigh lift is right for you.* Dr. Mendieta has given hundreds of men the defined and muscular lower body that is historically so hard to achieve.*

Calf Implants or fat transfer to the calves is a procedure that can take you from average Joe to a workout warrior.* Dr. Mendieta has revolutionized body contouring and the use of fat to define the male physique.* With about an hour you can walk in with thin, undefined calves and leave with perfectly sculpted calves that look natural.*

As a patient of Dr. Mendieta you can expect the best possible service and results from Dr. Mendieta and his award winning Miami-based practice.*