Neck Lift

Dr. Mendieta’s extensive training in facial analysis under world leaders in facial rejuvenation makes him one of a very few surgeons to incorporate traditional approaches with unique techniques to accentuate your most beautiful features.*

A neck lift does not stop the clock. It simply “resets” it.* How long a neck lifts depends on many factors including the inherent characteristics of your tissues.* Many areas of the neck are improved: sagging, loose tissues, deep folds of loose skin or loose skin causing loss of definition and hanging.*

Often a neck lift is combined with a brow lift or an eye lift. The goal of eyelid surgery is to produce a significant improvement in eyelid appearance with the utmost safety.* The brow can be lifted resulting in a more youthful awake look, while at the same time removing the forehead and frown wrinkles rejuvenating the entire forehead.*