Silicone Removal

Far too often I see patients who have been injected with some foreign material that they thought would help them achieve the body of their dreams. I have spent my career fighting against these black market injectors who are taking advantage of innocent people hoping to improve their quality of life.*

The most commonly injected material is liquid silicone. In some cases the silicone causes no problems to the patient – even though it is completely illegal to use in this country. But all too often, and due to it being illegal, complications occur, such as constant swelling, severe pain and at times even worse side effects occur.* Removing silicone from the body is a very difficult process and may involve multiple procedures. Removing the silicone is not simply cosmetic but can improve your quality of life and may extend it.*

If you have been injected with foreign substances and would like Dr. Mendieta to help you, you will need to first contact a coordinator and provide photos. Dr. Mendieta is a patient advocate and is dedicated to improving the world of cosmetic surgery. There is no one in the world better suited to help victims of black market injections than Dr. Mendieta.*