Miami Facials

Your esthetician will consult with you on the perfect treatment for your skin type. With a variety of cosmetic formulas to choose from, a custom facial regiment will be tailored to your skin’s unique needs. The entire therapeutic facial process will leave you feeling indulged and relaxed.

Basic Facial
Reversing the signs of aging can be a slow process. From environmental toxins to sun damage to the loss of skin’s vital nutrients, time takes its toll on one’s appearance. With a focus on organic ingredients, a basic facial is tailored to your specific needs. Our proprietary formulas rely on powerful herbs and fruit extracts to achieve optimal anti-aging results.

Premium Facial
Our most inclusive facial treatment, this premium facial cleanses, exfoliates, removes impurities, and moisturizes across a wide-array of skin conditions. As an added feature, the premium facial includes a customized line of products for home use. Products include eye treatments, mineral masks, and rich hydration creams.

Anti-aging Facial
Tighten skin and reduce the sings of fine lines and wrinkles with our top-of-the-line anti-aging facial. With the use of Retinol and powerful extracts to promote collagen production, the anti-aging facial will turn back time. If you are frustrated by crow’s feet and sagging skin, be sure to ask your cosmetic consultant how you can benefit from an anti-aging facial.