10 Years Younger Instantly*

Have you ever looked through a magazine and wondered how all of the celebrities or models look so incredibly young?  Are they really using a new face cream that they are endorsing?  Probably not.  In Andrea’s case, she was feeling amazing after losing weight and eating healthier; however, when she looked in the mirror, she didn’t look the way that she felt.  One of Andrea’s concerns included her asymmetric eyebrows, the right was higher than the left, causing her eyes to look hidden.  The fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes and forehead were also a concern and was taken care of by relaxing the muscles using Botox.*  Botox was used to soften the fine lines and wrinkles as well as correcting the asymmetric eyebrows.*  

This beautiful patient also had a midface lift using injectable fillers to defy gravity and restore her cheekbones for a more youthful shape.*  Would you believe that in both pictures, she was not wearing any foundation on her skin? Well, it’s true and is attainable with the halo laser by Sciton.*  Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that uses both ablative and nonablative technology to resurface the skin.*  The benefits include younger skin cells, increased collagen production, dewy skin, decreased pore size and removing sun damage!*  As you can see, once the collagen is more organized, you begin to reflect the light.*  

Eyebrows, lashes and lips frame the face, but what good is a frame if you don’t have the luminous skin?  

“You are beautiful”,


Lindsay PA-C xoxo

Lips & Mistletoe*

Did you know that approximately 80% of people who go in for a kiss tilt their heads to the right?  Kissing not only enhances the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, but it can lower stress.*  Having a nice, full pout can make kissing even more enjoyable.*  Lips come in many different shapes and sizes and all of them can be enhanced with a little hyaluronic acid filler.*  Fillers can be anything, from juvederm/restylane to volbella.  Luscious lips can look anything from Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, or the iconic classic, Marilyn Monroe.  Having beautiful, full lips can enhance anyone’s face and increase self confidence.*  Filler may lasts anywhere from 6 to 9 months, depending upon how fast your metabolism breaks down the filler.*

A lot of people are initially nervous about having their lips injected with a filler, but let me tell you that it is not painful.*  Topical numbing cream is applied and sometimes even performing a simple nerve block can help to alleviate pain.*  

Lip augmentation can look as natural or as supernatural as you would like them to be.*  It is important to do your research and then to go to an expert injector, in order to have the best results for your lip shape.*

So go ahead, fill the lips, enjoy a nice makeout session, reduce stress and increase happiness.*

Before And After*


“I got a question for you, gonna come over here and kiss me with those pretty lips?”

Agatha Bird, Like a Sparrow Through the Heart

Xxx’s & ooo’s,

Lindsay, PA-C




Would you love for your skin to glow, to be radiant and without blemishes or sun/age spots? With Sciton BBL, the fountain of forever young skin can now be attainable.* BBL stands for broad band light.  It uses different energy and wavelengths to precisely treat skin at a cellular level by reversing the genes.*  This is an incredible light source that not only reverses the signs of aging, but keeps your skin looking at least ten years younger.*  Light can be used on any part of the body and treats many skin conditions including acne, pigmented lesions (freckles, age and sun spots), skin firmness, uneven skin texture, large pores, unwanted hair.*

Think of the light therapy as energy being delivered to the upper layers of your skin.  The heat is then absorbed and stimulates your skin cells to regenerate new collagen.*  It takes damaged and aged skin with unorganized collagen and makes it brand new.*  This enables your skin to reflect light and thus you appear more youthful.*  Light therapy allows your skin to restore itself to its natural beauty without all of the stress, sun damage, environmental pollutants and even hormonal changes.*  

The forever young light therapy is easy, painless, noninvasive and very safe.*  You do not even need a topical anesthetic.*  The most that you will feel is a rubber band-type sensation with each pulse of light.*  There is absolutely zero down-time.*  

Before light therapy, you must remain out of the sun for at least two weeks prior to the treatment and one month post light therapy.  Always wear a sunscreen at all times to protect your new skin.

The best light treatments and results are with a total of five sessions, spaced a couple of weeks apart.*  Once you have completed the initial fotofacial light therapy, it is necessary to maintain your skin with a great skincare routine as well as light therapy every time the seasons change to maintain your vibrant skin.*

‘There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it’

~Edith Wharton


Lindsay PA-C

Let Your Skin Glow with HALO*

Where are all of the celebrities getting their ‘Red-Carpet Glow’?  

The answer is with the hybrid fractional laser called HALO.  It uses both ablative and non-ablative technology.  This simply means that when the laser ablates the skin, it makes teeny tiny holes into the skin’s surface so that the nonablative laser can heat up the skin.  This in turn causes the body to produce collagen and elastin, zapping wrinkles, sun damage, minimizes pore size and overall making your skin baby soft and reflecting light.*  

The HALO uses erbium-YAG laser to target wrinkles and resurface the skin.  

So why erbium and why not CO2 or fraxel?  

The erbium-YAG targets the superficial water-containing tissue in the skin more efficiently than CO2 or fraxel.* It also has less downtime and decreased risk of causing hypopigmentation or prolonged periods of redness.*  HALO is so precise in the skin depth and surface area treated, that it ultimately results in faster re-epithelialization (healing of skin) than any other laser!*  With less downtime, tunable depth and coverage, halo is the perfect laser to rejuvenate your skin for the holidays.*

Product of the month is the Alpheon epidermal serum to maintain your halo glow all year long!*

I have the stardom glow. Jennifer Lopez


Lindsay PA-C



citation : the image above was taken from https://www.instagram.com/chelseahandler/ using a profractional laser treatment with Melissa Montes at honest dermatology in encino, california


We work hard, try to focus all of our time and energy on our significant others, children, work, chores, etc.  When it comes right down to it, all of our energy has been spent by the time the sun has set.  A lot of women may feel that if we take time for ourselves, we are being selfish and not giving one hundred percent to our loved ones.  In fact, the opposite is true, when we don’t take care of ourselves, our loved ones are missing out on our true beauty.*

Sexual health plays a huge role in how we relate to ourselves and to others. There is something absolutely beautiful about a woman who is self-assured and passionate about life.*

A lot of women have symptoms of sexual dysfunction that range from low libido to anorgasmia (inability to orgasm).  Other symptoms include bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, hormone imbalances, anxiety and depression.*  

Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the greatest times in a woman’s life. But our bodies can only repair so much and frequently, we are left with urinary incontinence, hormone changes, etc.*

Those conditions are now completely treatable.*  

My absolute favorite gift to women to resolve sexual dysfunction is the diVa, an amazing laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.  It only takes 3 minutes per treatment, strengthens the vaginal epithelium (skin) to increase tone, relieve urinary incontinence, lubricate the tissues, and tighten the vaginal canal.*  

  • diVa treats all of the symptoms and is non-surgical, comfortable and life-changing!  It is time for women to start taking care of our sexual health and to not feel guilty about it.*  
  • Along with the diVa is another personal favorite called the ‘O Shot’.  It uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) that is placed into the clitoris and the G spot to help suspend the bladder and to increase arousal, strengthen orgasms and increase lubrication.*  
  • The combination treatments of the diVa laser and O Shot is truly an orgasmic experience.  If there is one thing to take away from this, let it be this…sexual health is just as important as your emotional and mental health.*  



“It’s hard to feel desire when you don’t feel desirable”

Christine Feehan, Safe Harbor

Frequently Asked Questions From Prospective Patients*

It is quite normal for individuals to feel anxious or apprehensive about undergoing surgery. It is also quite normal to have a lengthy list of questions to ask a plastic surgeon. My goal is to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for patients who desire cosmetic enhancements, while providing beautiful, natural-looking results.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective patients during the consultation regarding butt augmentation – my specialty. My responses follow:

How do I know which type of butt augmentation method will meet my goals?

Before you come in for consultation, it is important that you evaluate your needs and why you want surgery in the first place. If you are not having luck building muscle and shape in your buttocks through exercise, then buttocks augmentation (“augmentation mammaplasty” or “gluteal recontouring“) may provide you with your desired shape and size.*

During the consultation, I will assess your body and learn about your butt enhancement goals. Usually, if a patient wears an eight to 12 dress size or is overweight, she is probably best suited for the fat transfer method and possibly liposuction.* Those who are a size two to four are typically not good candidates for this technique because there is very little fat that exists, which would not allow for transferring.* Therefore, it is typically recommended that those are who slim receive butt implants because there are no target areas where the fat can be extracted.* I offer the “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D” approach to individuals seeking a refined and aesthetically driven technique should they qualify for this procedure.* Because every patient has unique goals and fat storage, I will determine which method is right for the individual during the consultation. Buttocks augmentation, like any type of cosmetic surgery, is procedure-specific.

Am I at risk for high complications?

Because the patient is using a natural substance, butt enhancement via fat transfer allows no room for risks, such as infection.* Butt implants, on the other hand, pose more complications due to the fact that implants may shift over time, causing an asymmetrical look to the buttocks region.* This means that one cheek will not resemble the other. Although it is rare, there is a chance that butt implants (made of semi-solid silicone) can break or rupture, which means that butt enhancement revision may be necessary.*

Why is plastic surgery so expensive?

There are various factors to consider in regards to butt augmentation. Typically, butt enhancement with implants cost more than butt enhancement via fat transfer.* Upon consultation, my patient coordinator can discuss the type of plastic surgery fees you will encounter, which includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, operating room fee, and extent of procedure.

How do I choose a plastic surgeon?

Whether with the use of semi-silicone implants or fat, butt augmentation is not a casual procedure and should not be performed by just any plastic surgeon. No two individuals are the same; therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases – and shouldn’t be.

I am a Miami plastic surgeon, with board certification from the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). I am also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). My qualifications provide patients the security they need to go forward with their cosmetic enhancement.*

The relationship with the surgeon is extremely important. Not only does my work speak in volumes, I make sure that my patients are well-informed throughout the consultation, so that all of their questions are answered and the concerns are addressed.* A prospective patient will gain great insight to my ability and aesthetic approach by viewing before and after photos.* These can be found on my website and can be requested during the consultation. I stand out because of my vision and artistry.*

If I undergo butt enhancement via fat transfer, will I stay proportionate if I gain weight? What happens if I lose weight?

From birth, we all have a genetically predetermined amount of fat on our bodies. So when butt enhancement via fat transfer is performed, fat cells are literally being transferred to another area. If a post-op patient gains weight, the fat cells will not multiply in the same place where fat was removed.* Rather, the cells that do exist in a different area may enlarge. This is relevant to weight reduction as well; the fat cells will never leave the body. Instead, they will reduce in size where they exist on the body.* There is an high percent fat survival rate during the transfer method, and in nearly all cases, the fat will remain proportionate among both buttocks.* There is equal distribution.

It is very important to uphold a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, as it will help maintain your beautiful results.*

When can I return to work?

Every patient carries unique circumstance, but in general, a patient may return to work following fat transfer in 10 days or less, while the butt implants procedure may require up to two months off from work.*

Do you have a question that was not answered? Please feel free to contact my office and schedule a consultation. You can reach my practice by calling (305) 860-0717.

Lessons From A Miami Butt Enhancement Plastic Surgeon*

With great pride, I specialize in buttocks enhancement via fat transfer. Although I do offer butt augmentation with the use of silicone implants, there is nothing like using a person’s own fat to sculpt his or her butt into a more flattering shape and size.* My travels throughout the world, most recently to Europe and Chicago, have allowed me to lecture on my “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer” 3-D approach.

It has taken me about five to seven years to fully develop my 3-D approach. Through my teaching and studies, I have come to define the three variables that allow me to produce beautiful results.

Butt Enhancement Plastic Surgeon

The doctor (variable #1) who performs butt enhancement surgery via fat transfer must have the skills to do so.* As I continue to take part in symposiums and answer the questions of renowned medical professionals everywhere, it is clear that having an open-mind and open eye are crucial traits that will allow the doctor to become comfortable with this procedure.* I believe that the minute a person closes him or herself off and is held captive to self-imposed limits, the less the doctor will accomplish for the patient.* This is also a relevant philosophy to all individuals – closing yourself off means the less you will accomplish in life.

Buttocks Enhancement

The technique (variable #2) – buttocks enhancement via fat transfer – begins with liposculpting a certain area, or multiple areas, of the body. By suctioning excess fat from places such as the thighs, arms, or stomach, I am able to then harvest the fat and prepare it for butt enhancement after reshaping the original liposculpting sites. I perform this fat grafting procedure with precision and an extreme attention-to-detail, producing natural-looking, enhanced results.*

Before a surgeon performs this technique, however, it is important that he or she understands that this method is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. It should be based on the patient’s anatomy (variable #3). All surgeons typically know why it is important to understand the patient’s body. But I ask the question: Now what are the differences? Although two women may choose the same procedure, their bodies are definitely not the same – their shapes are distinctive, the fat is stored differently, and their goals are unique. The Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D approach provides me the opportunity to fully sculpt the buttocks, and in many cases its surrounding areas, using the patient’s anatomy as my compass.*

There are always possibilities and ways to improve upon my technique. This is why it is important to always think “outside the box;” the minute you begin making judgment, the more likely you are to create a bad experience.

Patients expect beautiful results, and through conscientious effort and perseverance, that is what we must deliver.

Calidad de Atención al paciente: Honor de Distinción*

The torso of a man in a business suit checking boxes next to aspects of a good customer relationship

Todos y cada uno de mis pacientes reciben el respeto y la consideración que ellos se merecen. Una de mis metas primordiales es la de ofrecer mis servicios de las más alta calidad, siempre lo hare con una actitud profesional, pero al mismo tiempo amigable. Una de las satisfacciones más grandes que un cirujano puede obtener es la de saber que sus pacientes se marcharan de su consultorio complacidos de los resultados obtenidos así como una actitud positiva. Por ese motivo yo agradezco profundamente a mis pacientes, cuando ellos me dan su voto de confianza y recomendación en el sistema de Vitals.*

Vitals es una base de datos en donde los pacientes podrán exponer su recomendaciones en aproximadamente un millón de proveedores del cuidado de la salud, de esta manera se podrá hacer una búsqueda en particular de determinados médicos o proveedores del cuidado de la salud, haciendo la elección de estos mucho más facil. Erika Boyer es la vice-presidenta del centro de  base de datos del Consumidor Vitals, ella recientemente me felicito por haber sido reconocido entres los 10 Doctores más Importantes de la base de datos Vitals en el estado de Florida.*

Miles y miles de pacientes ofrecen sus opiniones y calificaciones en el centro de datos Vitals, todas las opiniones o calificaciones son basadas en relación a las visitas que han realizado a sus doctores, los criterios que se toman en cuenta son los siguientes:*

  • Cuidado en el hospital*
  • Tiempo cara a cara paciente – doctor*
  • Que tan acertado es el diagnostico*
  • Prontitud*
  • Seguimiento después de la visita en el consultorio*
  • La facilidad para hacer una cita con el doctor*
  • La amabilidad del personal*

Los 10 mejores doctores en Vitals*

El centro datos Vitals hizo un análisis de las calificaciones proporcionada por estos pacientes, y fue una grata sorpresa el saber que fui reconocido por el uno por ciento de los doctores (entre 870,000 doctores activos en el sistema de datos) que alcanzo un uno de las más altas calificaciones de parte de sus pacientes. Me siento muy agradecido de haber recibido este reconocimiento y así mismo me complace saber que mis pacientes me tienen en una gran estima, como yo a ellos. El recibir reconocimientos basados únicamente en la satisfacción de los pacientes hace mi trabajo mucho más gratificante.*

Si desea ver más perfiles de mis pacientes en el centro de datos Vitals y leer sus comentarios oprima aquí.*

Si usted está considerando someterse a una cirugía plástica en Florida, el Dr. Constantino Mendieta cuenta con la experiencia realizando una gran cantidad de procedimientos. El cuenta con la certificación de la Asociación Americana de Cirujanos Plasticos (ABPS siglas en ingles) y es miembro de La Sociedad Americana de Cirujanos Estéticos (ASAPS siglas en ingles) y La Sociedad Americana de Cirujanos Plasticos (ASPS siglas en ingles). Por favor llame al (305) 860-0717 hoy mismo o llene nuestro formulario en línea para programar un consulta.  El Dr. Mendieta le proporcionara con el cuidado y la calidad que usted se merece.*

Quality Patient Care: A Distinguished Honor*

The torso of a man in a business suit checking boxes next to aspects of a good customer relationshipMy patients deserve the utmost respect and consideration, and I always strive to maintain a professional yet friendly attitude while providing them with the highest quality of care. When all is said and done, I get the most satisfaction knowing that they had a positive, enjoyable experience and are very happy with their results. This is why I give immeasurable thanks to my patients who publicly praised my quality of care in my Vitals reviews.

Vitals is a database that provides patients with information on over one million health care providers so they can research special expertise and make informed decisions about their care. The Vice President of Consumer Research for Vitals, Erika Boyer, recently congratulated me on being recognized as a Vitals Top 10 Doctor for the state of Florida. This means that my patients felt the need to share the exceptional quality care and positive experience I provided to them with others.

Hundreds of thousands of patients provide Vitals with feedback about their doctor visits based on the following components of care:

  • Bedside manner*

  • Doctor-patient face time*

  • Accurate diagnosis*

  • Promptness*

  • Degree of follow-up*

  • Courteous staff*

  • Ease of appointment*

Vitals Top 10 Doctor

Vitals has analyzed these patient-provided ratings and identified me as among the top one percent of doctors (of 870,000 active doctors) who are rated the highest by their patients.* I am very grateful for being recognized with this distinctive achievement and am also extremely grateful to learn that my patients hold me in the same high regards as I do them. Receiving awards like these based on patient satisfaction makes my job all the more fulfilling.

To view my Vitals profile and read my patient reviews, click here.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Florida, Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta is experienced in performing a wide range of procedures. He is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and a member of both The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Please call (305) 860-0717 today or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation. Dr. Mendieta looks forward to providing you with the highest quality of care.

Más Técnicas Utilizadas por el Dr. Mendieta para Obtener unos Glúteos Hermosos*

El Dr. Mendieta se especializa en el aumento de los glúteos, ofreciendo una amplia variedad de técnicas para el embellecimiento del derriere con su sello personal, llenando cada una de las expectativas de sus pacientes.* El Dr. Mendieta también personalizara la técnica elegida por el paciente para ofrecerle resultados de acuerdo a cada tipo de anotomía, de acuerdo a las necesidades de que cada paciente y la perspectiva de un trasero ideal.* El Dr. Mendieta utilizara su habilidades para evaluar sus deseos, necesidades y así recomendarle cual será la mejor técnica para usted.*

En un blog anterior de las técnicas que cuentan con el sello personal para el embellecimiento de los glúteos del Dr. Mendieta, nosotros discutimos el procedimiento de Lipoescultra de alta definición  y el método de levantamiento de la Tanga estilo Miami. A continuación se proporcionara información de otras técnicas que ayudaran a los pacientes del Dr. Mendieta al embellecimiento de los glúteos.*

Levantamiento Estilo Mariposa*

El levantamiento estilo Mariposa se utiliza para corregir el contorno caído de los glúteos, o la caída lateral de estos.* El Dr. Mendieta hará una incisión a lo largo de la línea del bikini en la parte posterior de las nalgas, removiendo el exceso de la piel, ajustando los tejidos de los glúteos.

Incision de los Pliegues*

La técnica utilizada por el Dr. Mendieta de la incisión de los pliegues, es ideal para pacientes que tienen un exceso de grasa en la parte inferior de los glúteos.* Se realiza una incisión en el pliegue de los glúteos entre la parte inferior de las nalgas y las piernas para remover el exceso de grasa y la piel en esta área del cuerpo. Con esta técnica, el Dr. Mendieta utiliza sus habilidades para crear un contorno hermoso de la parte inferior de los glúteos.*

Levantamiento Interior y Posterior de las Piernas*

Se presentara con frecuencia en la parte posterior e interior de las piernas tejido relajado o flácido, especialmente en personas que han perdido peso de manera considerable, y que cuentan con una calidad de piel extremadamente débil. La incisión de la parte Interior y Posterior de la Piel se realiza usualmente en la parte de la ingle y se sujetara en el hueso de esa manera la cicatriz no emigrara hacia los muslos. Dependiendo de la severidad de la flacidez de la piel en las piernas, la incisión se podría extender a lo largo de los pliegues de los glúteos para levantar la parte interior y posterior de la pierna, lo que resultara en una discreta cicatriz a lo largo de los pliegues de los glúteos y a lo largo de la ingle.*

Levantamiento Estilo C*

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 1.47.56 PM.png

Aquellos pacientes que cuentan con un exceso extraordinario de la piel, y la flacidez, en donde no han podido corregir este problema con procedimientos previos, podrían ser candidatos para el levantamiento estilo-C.* Esta es una de las técnicas más complejas en donde se realizara el levantamiento de los glúteos con la combinación de varias incisiones utilizadas en el Levantamiento estilo Mariposa (a lo largo de la parte posterior de la línea del bikini), y la técnica del levantamiento de la Tanga estilo Miami (entre los cachetes de las nalgas), así como el Levantamiento Posterior de la Pierna (incisión que se hará a lo largo de los pliegues del derriere y la parte lateral de la pierna).* La combinación de estas incisiones creara el contorno estilo C de la cicatrización permitiendo al Dr. Mendieta ha realizar más levantamientos en toda el área de los glúteos.*

Si usted está considerando embellecer cualquier parte de sus glúteos, por favor llámenos al (305) 860-0717 o llene nuestro formulario de consulta en línea. El Dr. Mendieta es un cirujano plástico que se especializa en el aumento y embellecimiento de los glúteos, el espera poder ayudarle ha alcanzar la apariencia deseada.

More Mendieta Techniques for a Beautiful Butt*

Dr. Mendieta is a butt augmentation specialist and offers a variety of signature butt enhancement techniques to meet the individual needs of his patients.* Dr. Mendieta also customizes the chosen technique to suit the patient’s specific body shape and to achieve results that fit with the patient’s view of the ideal buttocks.* During your initial consultation, Dr. Mendieta will use his expertise to evaluate your needs and desires and then recommend the best technique for you.*

In our previous blog on Dr. Mendieta’s signature enhancement techniques, we discussed his Highlight Liposculpting and his Miami Thong Lift methods. Now, here is some information on Dr. Mendieta’s other signature techniques for helping his patients achieve beautiful butts.*

Butterfly Lift*

The Butterfly Lift is used to correct buttock drooping in the outer, or lateral, portions of the butt.* Dr. Mendieta places the incision along the bikini line at the top of the buttocks, adjusts the tissues to lift the buttocks, and removes excess skin.

Crease Excision*

Dr. Mendieta’s Crease Excision technique is ideal for patients who have fullness in the lower part of the buttocks.* An incision along the gluteal crease between the bottom of the butt and the legs is used to remove excess fat and skin from this area. With this technique, Dr. Mendieta uses his skills to create a flattering shape in the lower buttocks.*

Inner and Posterior Leg Lift*

Tissue laxity often occurs on the inner and posterior legs, especially for people who have lost a lot of weight or who have poor skin quality. The incision for the Inner and Posterior Leg Lift is usually placed in the groin and anchored to the bone so that the scar does not migrate south onto the thighs.* Depending on the severity of sagging on the legs, the incision may extend along the gluteal crease to lift the inner and posterior leg, which results in an inconspicuous scar along the crease of the buttocks and along the groin.*

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 1.47.56 PM.png


Patients who have so much excess skin and sagging that the previous techniques are not enough to correct them are candidates for the C-Lift.* This is the most extensive of all the lifts and utilizes a combination of the incisions used for the Butterfly Lift (along the upper bikini line), the Miami Thong Lift (between the butt cheeks), and the Posterior Leg Lift (along the lower crease of the buttocks and out to the lateral leg).* The combination of these incisions creates a C-shaped scar that allows Dr. Mendieta to further lift all areas of the buttocks.*

If you are considering enhancing any aspect of your butt, please call (305) 860-0717 or fill out our online consultation form. Dr. Mendieta is a butt augmentation specialist and looks forward to helping you achieve the appearance you desire.

La “Belfie” en Inglés (La Selfie del los Glúteos)*

Woman with a big booty in leather leggings*Con el predominio que tienen las redes sociales de internet y el incremento de la apreciación hacia la parte posterior (los glúteos) en estos días, no, nos sorprende cuando vemos que una de las nuevas tendencias en las redes sociales es la publicación continua de fotos mostrando los glúteos (“selfies”), mejor conocida como “Belfie.” Jen Selter, modelo de ejercicios se ha convertido en una sensación en Instagram por esa sencilla razón, ella ha publicado continuamente fotos de su trasero “Belfies”, e inclusive celebridades se han dejado llevar por esta nueva manía. Estas fotos son publicadas a lo largo y ancho de las redes sociales, y en muchas ocasiones mis pacientes vienen con Belfies de celebridades o de sus amigas, en lugar de buscar fotos en revistas como lo hacían con anterioridad para darme una idea de los glúteos que desean obtener. En su mayoría los pacientes que se han sometido al aumento de los glúteos, dicen que se sienten complacidas con la nueva apariencia de su derriere, debido que se ven, se sienten y están, tan voluptuosos como las que andan circulando en las redes sociales.*

*Me siento muy honrado de la mención que se hizo de mi trabajo como cirujano plástico en la publicación de noticias Monsters & Critics (Monstruos y Críticos) en el artículo del mes de Julio 15 en donde se hace referencia al hablar de “Pioneros de Glúteos que han Preparado el Camino de La Reina Belfie en las Redes Sociales”. Ellos resaltaron mis presentaciones anteriores en los medios de comunicación, en donde he discutido mi “técnica innovadora de la transferencia de la grasa, como la técnica que proporcionara una apariencia natural del contorno de los glúteos” y de mi libro, El Arte de Escupir los Glúteos, el cual ha sido utilizado como referencia por cirujanos plásticos en el mundo entero. Mientras ellos me apodan “El Pionero del Trasero”, me hace feliz saber que puedo ayudar a otros cirujanos y así mismo a mis pacientes a adquirir la confianza anhelada al someterse a este tipo se procedimiento.*

Para leer el artículo completo de Monstruos y Críticos Logo for Monsters & Critics (Monters & Critics en inglés) oprima aquí.*

*Si usted está interesado en este tipo de procedimiento del aumento de los glúteos, por favor llámenos al número telefónico (305) 860-0717 o también nos puede contactar llenando nuestro formulario de consulta en línea. Mi principal objetivo es la seguridad de mis pacientes, tomando en consideración el tamaño, la forma, las proporciones que se requerirán para poderle ayudar a obtener unos glúteos ideales excediendo las expectativas del paciente.*

Dr. Mendieta’s Signature Enhancement Techniques for a Beautiful Butt*

Woman wearing thong underwear showing off her tight, round buttocksDr. Mendieta understands that people have different views of beauty, and he tailors his butt enhancement procedures to meet each patient’s individual desires.* During an initial consultation, Dr. Mendieta evaluates the patient to determine the most appropriate technique for their condition that will meet their enhancement goals.* He takes into account the patient’s entire body before reshaping the buttocks in order to determine how to best enhance the buttocks in relation to the rest of the body.* Two of Dr. Mendieta’s most popular butt enhancement techniques are the Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach and the Miami Thong Lift.

Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach*

One of the most popular techniques for butt augmentation is fat transfer, commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This method removes excess fat from particular areas of the body and, after preparing it, transfers the fat to the butt to make it bigger. Dr. Mendieta has perfected the fat grafting technique and developed his Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach to sculpt the butt rather than just making it bigger, since other issues than just size often need to be addressed.* With his technique, Dr. Mendieta strategically injects the liposuctioned fat into the buttocks to enhance the size and shape in relation to the rest of the body.* Dr. Mendieta can combine this method with his other techniques to further improve the contours of the butt to achieve the ideal shape and size.*

Miami Thong lift*

This technique deals with the inner portion of the buttocks along the crease and where the buttocks meet the legs, known as the inner gluteal fold. The ideal buttocks and legs do not have fullness at the gluteal fold and unite upward into a 45-degree A-shaped angle between the cheeks. As the fullness at the gluteal fold increases, the angle between the buttocks and the legs becomes more horizontal (90 degrees), and the aesthetics of the buttocks begins to decrease. As more fat builds up and the butt sags down, the 45 degree angle inverses and a V-shaped angle develops, also known as the “dirty diaper look.”

The technique to correct these conditions is called the Miami Thong Lift because it hides the incisions along the inside of the crease between the buttocks where a thong would go.* Patients with the simplest degree of sagging (those close to the 90 degree angle) can benefit from liposuction through a tiny incision to remove the fullness that exists.* Those with a greater degree of sagging and fullness at the gluteal crease will require longer incisions for liposuction.* For more extensive conditions, Dr. Mendieta can also create a suture suspension that will lift the buttocks.*

Stay tuned for future blogs on more of Dr. Mendieta’s signature enhancement techniques for a beautiful butt.

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Técnicas Que Son el Sello de Presentación del Dr. Mendieta para Embellecer los Glúteos*

Woman wearing thong underwear showing off her tight, round buttocks

El Dr. Mendieta entiende perfectamente que cada persona tiene un concepto diferente en cuanto a belleza se refiere, por lo tanto el ha diseñado los procedimientos que el utiliza para el aumento de los glúteos, para poder alcanzar los metas personales de cada uno de sus pacientes.* El toma en consideración la figura en general del paciente antes de realizar algún trabajo de levantamiento o modelación de los glúteos, para poder determinar cuál será la mejor técnica a utilizar para mejorar la apariencia de estos, haciéndolo de manera uniforme con el resto del cuerpo.* El Dr. Mendieta utiliza dos técnicas que son de las más populares para el embellecimiento del los glúteos; la primera es la técnica de Highlight Lipoescultura y lipo transferencia o injerto de la grasa en 3-D, la segunda es El levantamiento de la Tanga estilo Miami.*

Highlight Lipoescultura y la Lipo Transferencia de la Grasa 3-D*

Una de las técnicas más populares del aumento de los glúteos es la del injerto o transferencia de la grasa, mejor conocido como Aumento de los Glúteos estilo Brasileño. Este método remueve el exceso de grasa en áreas estratégicas del cuerpo, después de que la grasa es preparada, se transferirá en los glúteos para hacerlos lucir más grandes, también se podrá corregir otras áreas con problemas que no sean relacionadas con el tamaño.* Con la técnica del Dr. Mendieta, el inyectara la grasa succionada en los glúteos para embellecer el tamaño y contorno en proporción con el resto del cuerpo. El Dr. Mendieta podría combinar este método con otras técnicas para mejorar el contorno del derriere, y así alcanzar el tamaño y contorno deseado.*

Levantamiento de la Tanga estilo Miami*

Esta técnica se especializa en la parte baja de los glúteos así como el área en donde las nalgas crecen y se conectan con las piernas, conocido como el área interior en donde el glúteo o los pliegues terminan. Los glúteos ideales son aquellos en donde las piernas no tienen volumen en donde los glúteos de doblan y se unen a 45 grados en forma de A en el ángulo entre las nalgas.* Así como el volumen de los glúteos en donde se dobla se incrementa, el ángulo entre los glúteos y las piernas se hacen más horizontal (90 grados), y la estética del derriere empieza a disminuir. Mientras más grasa se genera en los glúteos esto provoca que los glúteos se caigan, aproximadamente a unos 45 grados en un ángulo inverso en forma de V, dando una apariencia de pañal sucio.*

La étnica para corregir este problema se le conoce como el Levantamiento de la Tanga estilo Miami, porque esconde las incisiones en el pliegue del interior de los glúteos y en donde la tanga debe ir.* Pacientes con glúteos caídos a un grado simple de un ángulo de (90 grados) se podrían beneficiar de la liposucción a través de una pequeña incisión para remover el volumen que provoca la caída de los glúteos. Aquellos pacientes con un grado extremo de flacidez en los glúteos en el área del derriere, requerirán de incisiones más prolongadas para poder realizar la liposucción. Para condiciones extremas, el Dr. Mendieta podrá ayudarle con una técnica de suspensión que le permitirá levantar los glúteos.*

Manténgase al pendiente de los blogs del Dr. Mendieta para que pueda conocer más de las técnicas que él ha hecho su sello personal para embellecer y proporcionar unos glúteos hermosos.*

Si usted está interesado en embellecer, y mejorar el contorno de sus glúteos, por favor contáctenos al (305) 860-860-0717 o puede llenar el formulario de consulta en línea. El Dr. Mendieta es un cirujano que se especializa en la cirugía del aumento de los glúteos y está interesado en ayudarle ha alcanzar el cuerpo que usted desea.*

The “Belfie”*

Woman with a big booty in leather leggingsWith the prevalence of social media and the increasing appreciation for a shapely behind, it comes as no surprise that the newest trend is people posting “selfies” of their butt, dubbed the “Belfie.” Fitness model Jen Selter became an Instagram sensation for posting Belfies of her curvaceous derriere, and popular celebrities have also participated in this new craze. These photos are showing up all over social media, and patients often come to me now with Belfies of celebrities or of their friends rather than the edited magazine pictures they used to bring. My butt augmentation patients say they are happy to see that their new butts are as voluptuous as the ones they see online.*

I am humbled that the news blog Monsters & Critics recently featured me in their July 15th article, “Booty Pioneer Paves Way For Social Media Belfie Queen.” They note my many other media appearances where I have discussed my “groundbreaking technique of fat transfer to balance the natural shape” and my book, The Art of Gluteal Sculpting, that is used by plastic surgeons worldwide.* While they call me the “Booty Pioneer,” I am simply happy to help other surgeons and to give my patients the buttocks that will help them have the confidence they desire.*

Monsters & Critics - Booty Pioneer Paves Way For Social Media Belfie Queen

To read the full Monsters & Critics article, click here.

If you are interested in butt augmentation, please call (305) 860-0717 or fill out our online consultation form. I am dedicated to patient safety and take into account size, shape, and proportions to achieve the ideal butt and exceed my patients’ expectations.

Como mejorar la apariencia de unos Glúteos Caídos*

Excess fat is the result of a flabby and sagging buttocks and the lack of tone in the muscles can cause the fall and derriere look flabby rather than having a defined shape and form. Likewise fat between the muscles and the skin can contribute to tissue sagging limit what a good appearance of the buttocks. Buttocks and falls will be lost in the thighs, even could clog the crease of the buttocks. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that may improve the appearance of the rear helping to look high and with a perfect outline.*


The muscles of the buttocks, known as the gluteus maximus or just “butt”, can be corrected by lifting the buttocks to give a better contour to the derriere.* Performing the following exercises you can improve and correct toning buttocks.* To achieve results that can be noticed at first glance, you could incorporate into your daily exercise routine, three or four sets of 10 repetitions of doing 15 minutes at least three times a week.* For continuous improvement, you can also add the use of weight on each repetition.*

Bridge Buttocks*

This exercise is excellent as heating to relax your body while you work your buttocks and abdomen. Here will give you a sample of how to perform exercises bridge buttocks.*

Woman doing squats on a bench by the oceansquats*

One of the oldest to tone the buttocks exercises are squats, this is an exercise that directly works the muscles of the back of the body, especially the quadriceps and buttocks.* If you need help with the technique of squats and different variants, is an example of how to do this exercise correctly shown.*


Lunges exercise helps with the contour of the muscles of the lower part of the buttocks, helping to balance the body.* This step is shown by step lunges basic exercises and variations of these to help with exercise intensity .*

Procedures increased Buttocks*

Buttocks lifting the Brazilian style*

The process of lifting the buttocks Brazilian style is one technique that has become popular in recent times giving a natural appearance to the buttocks.* Dr. Mendieta performs this technique Increase in Buttocks Brazilian style using the transparent fat grafting technique that has become his particular stamp; This surgery is performed through the graft fat. The fat is injected strategically to provide volume, to beautify the contour and elevate the position of the buttocks.*

Lifting Buttocks Implant*

Buttocks surgery with implants gives contour and volume to the buttocks using silicone implants solid that can not break or leak.* This procedure is ideal for patients who are extremely thin and do not have enough to make the transfer of fat fat.*

Dr. Constantino Mendieta skilled in the art of Brazilian Buttock Lift the style, also it has extensive experience performing this type of surgery with implants. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mendieta plastic surgeon certified, please call the Miami office at (305) 860-0717 . You can also contact us on line by filling out a form of consultation today! During the initial consultation Dr. Mendieta will assess their condition and expectations you want to determine what the procedure will be ideal for you.