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Facial Reconstruction Surgery in South Florida

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Facial Reconstruction with Dr. Mendieta

Cancer surgery, burns, traumatic accidents and illness can affect the appearance and functionality of the face. Also, soft tissue or bone damage can interfere with the ability to talk, eat, smile or blink. Fortunately, facial reconstruction surgery can improve the functionality of your face and leave you looking more comfortable and youthful.

Dr. Constantino Mendieta is a world-renowned Miami plastic surgeon who has undergone years of rigorous training to offer patients the best reconstructive and aesthetic services available. No matter which facial area is bothering you, Dr. Mendieta combines his years of experience, world-class medical training and artistic approach to help you get the authentic beauty you desire.

What is Facial Reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction refers to the medical procedures performed to restore or enhance a person’s facial appearance and function. The procedures and techniques used in facial reconstruction vary depending on the specific condition and individual’s preference.

Facial reconstruction involves using artistic and scientific techniques to recreate or enhance a person’s facial appearance.

How Accurate is Facial Reconstruction?

The accuracy of the results after a facial reconstruction procedure varies based on the expertise of the facial plastic surgeon, the specific condition being addressed and the complexity of the procedure. However, advancements in technology have significantly improved the outcome of facial reconstruction.

It’s important to approach the facial reconstruction procedure with realistic expectations and understand its limitations.

What Materials Are Used in Facial Reconstruction

The materials used in facial reconstruction can vary depending on the purpose of reconstruction and the technique used. However, in most cases, the patient’s own tissues are used. Autogenous tissues, such as tissue flaps or bone grafts, can be harvested from the patient’s other body parts, such as thigh, fibula or ribs and transplanted to reconstruct facial structures.

Also, implants made of medical-grade silicone or other biocompatible materials can be used to restore facial symmetry and volume in areas such as cheekboneschin and forehead. Dr. Mendieta has years of facial reconstruction experience and will advise you on the best materials.

Does Insurance Cover Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Whether insurance covers facial reconstructive surgery depends on various factors, such as the details of your insurance policy; the reason for the surgery; and the individual’s circumstances. Generally, cosmetic plastic surgery is not covered by insurance, but if the procedure is deemed medically necessary, insurance coverage is more likely.

Insurance coverage for facial reconstructive surgery also varies depending on the insurance policy and plan. It’s important to review the terms and conditions of your policy.

How Long Does Facial Reconstruction Take?

The duration of facial reconstruction procedures varies depending on the specific procedures involved; as well as the individual and the case’s complexity. Typically, most facial reconstructions take about four to 12 hours. It may take more time if the case is complicated. It’s important to note that the procedure is done while you are asleep under anesthesia.

Facial Reconstruction after Cancer Surgery

Facial reconstruction after cancer surgery aims to restore function, form and aesthetics after the removal of cancerous tissues or tumors. At 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery in Miami, Dr. Mendieta combines his years of experience, expertise and artistry to return the patient’s facial features and function to as close to normal as possible.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery in South Florida

Facial Reconstruction after an Accident

The consequences of an accident can be far-reaching; and may cause functional issues such as breathing problems and visual, neural or cosmetic concerns (which results in confidence issues). Facial reconstruction after an accident aims to restore the function, form and aesthetics of the face after an accident. 

Depending on your condition, some common facial reconstruction procedures that Dr. Mendieta may recommend include nose reconstruction, ear reconstruction, oculoplasty, mentoplasty or facial reanimation surgery.

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Besides being a world-renowned facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mendieta is also the best facial plastic surgeon in Florida. He understands that no two people are the same, and that’s why every facial reconstruction surgery procedure is tailored to suit individual needs. His goal is to make you look refreshed, revitalized, and glowing. We are the best plastic surgery center in Miami. Call us today at 305-860-0717 to request a consultation. We are standing by and ready to answer your questions. You may also contact us online.

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