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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as “lipolysis” or “lipoplasty,” is a procedure that removes localized fat to create more slender and attractive body contours and bodily proportions. This procedure allows for more efficient removal of stubborn areas of fat; and for more fat to be removed than with previous liposuction techniques (which provides superior enhancement). Dr. Constantino Mendieta specializes in a wide selection of liposuction approaches tailored to meet the desires of any individual.

What Are the Benefits of Liposuction?

Liposuction removes stubborn fat pockets from the body.

This procedure is beneficial for women and men who:

  • Have lost weight but still have remaining fatty deposits
  • Are looking for more definition of their curves
  • Want to balance out their body contours
  • Are interested in using the fat from liposuction to augment another area

Am I the Right Candidate for Liposuction?

Dr. Mendieta evaluates each patient’s condition to determine the best techniques to produce optimal results, and he customizes the procedure to meet their unique needs and desires. Liposuction can be used to remove fat from almost any area of the body, including the:

before and after

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What Is Discussed During My Liposuction Consultation?

Your consultation with Dr. Mendieta will allow him to develop a personalized surgical plan that will meet your desires with liposuction.

At your consultation, Dr. Mendieta will:

  • Examine and discuss your concerns and problem areas
  • Share before and after pictures of previous patients to discuss expectations
  • Asses realistic and attainable goals
  • Identify target areas for fat removal
  • Take measurements and photos
  • Discuss preparation details for your procedure
  • Explain the healing process and projected timeline for recovery

What Are My Liposuction Options?

Because everyone’s body is different, the appropriate liposuction method for each patient will depend on individual anatomy. Your anatomy and goals will be evaluated to find the appropriate cannula sizes, anesthesia, and techniques necessary to create the most successful results.

This procedure requires small incisions to be made in the treatment area for a closed system suction cannula (thin metal tube) apparatus to be inserted. Once the fluid injection technique is determined and injected, one of the assisted liposuction techniques will be used to remove the fat.

  • Fluid Injection Techniques

    A medicated solution is injected into the targeted area to reduce swelling, bleeding, bruising, and recovery time; while allowing a more considerable amount of fat to be removed. The name of each fluid injection liposuction technique is based on the amount of fluid injected.

    Wet Technique Liposuction
    The amount of fluid injected is less than the amount of fat that will be removed. This solution results in less downtime due to its minimized disruption of blood vessels.

    Super Wet Liposuction Technique
    The amount of fluid injected equals the amount of fat that will be removed. This solution results in more downtime than the wet technique but less than the tumescent approach.

    Tumescent Liposuction Technique
    The amount of fluid injected is more than the amount of fat that will be removed. The tumescent liposuction solution results in the most amount of downtime.

  • Assisted Liposuction Techniques

    Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL)
    The UAL technique utilizes a sound wave generator attached to a sterile handpiece with a titanium rod. The handpiece vibrates at a very high pitch to liquefy the fat beyond the end of the rod, making the fat easy to remove with low-pressure suctioning.

    Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)
    The PAL technique utilizes a motorized suction cannula that quickly moves back and forth to penetrate the tissue and easily remove fat cells. This technique is particularly advantageous for patients that experience dense areas of adipose tissue since power-assisted suction allows your surgeon to pull the fat into a tube.

  • Abdominal Etching For Men

    A growing number of men are seeking liposuction to reduce body fat around their midsection through a body contouring technique known as abdominal etching—a technique that enhances the appearance of a male “six-pack.”

    The right candidate for male abdominal etching is someone who has realistic expectations, is in overall good health, and is at or near their ideal body weight. Furthermore, it is recommended that men refrain from smoking or drinking at least two weeks before treatment and refrain from blood thinners.

    Liposuction for men can be used anywhere in the body to create strong contours and sculpted masculine silhouettes. The thighs, chest, back, and calves can all be enhanced to reveal athletic definition.

    Male body sculpting is an essential choice for those who wish to bring out their underlying muscle and uncover abs hiding behind troublesome fat.

How to Prepare for Liposuction Surgery?

Dr. Mendieta will provide you with tips and instructions about how to prepare for your surgery. Some of the instructions given may include:

  • Quitting smoking for six to eight weeks
  • Stopping use of all blood-thinning medications and supplements
  • Arranging for transport to and from the surgery
  • Not eating or drinking after midnight on the day of your surgery
  • Bringing the proper identification and paperwork

Can I Combine Liposuction Surgery With Other Procedures?

Liposuction can be combined with several other plastic surgery treatments to enhance results.

Below are some of the most common combined procedures with liposuction:

Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women choose to put the fat removed through liposuction to good use by combining their fat removal with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The Brazilian Butt Lift (aka: BBL Surgery) is a fat grafting procedure that uses harvested fat (from liposuction) to augment the size and shape of the derrière.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Women and men who have loose, hanging skin on their abdomen often combine their liposuction with tummy tuck surgery (aka: abdominoplasty) to remove the excess skin. Tummy tuck surgery also corrects weakened or separated abdominal muscles.

Body Lift

Since excess skin can develop in areas besides the abdomen, body lift surgery is performed to remove excess skin around the hips, flanks, back, thighs, and buttocks. This surgery is combined with liposuction to allow for more significant body contouring.

Mommy Makeover

Liposuction is one of the various techniques included in a Miami Makeover. This version of the Mommy Makeover allows women to restore their contours after childbirth by addressing the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and any other regions that have experienced unwanted change. Liposuction can be used on nearly any part of the body to sculpt womanly curves.

What Are Your Concerns?

  • What Is Recovery Like After Liposuction?

    Because of the technological advances in assisted liposuction techniques, recovery after liposuction involves less swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction methods.

    Compression garments can reduce swelling and bruising, although some bruising may be apparent for up to two weeks. Most patients can return to work after one week.

    After four to six weeks, your body will begin to take on its new shape.


    Although it is essential to move the body after surgery to prevent blood clot development and possible cramping, your return to exercise should be gradual and progressive. You will most likely be able to resume your regular exercise routine in about two to three weeks, depending on the extensiveness of the treatment. It is recommended that you slowly ease your body into more strenuous activities, such as weightlifting, to prevent unnecessary strain on the body.

  • How Long Does it Take to See Results from Liposuction?

    After three months, the final results will become apparent. And patients will have a more slender and sculpted body. The fat cells are permanently eliminated, and liposuction patients are commonly quite satisfied with the outcome.

    The results of liposuction are considered permanent; as long as a patient remains dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle. Extreme weight fluctuations can compromise or even reverse the effects of liposuction. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise habit is essential to combat the growth of fat cells still present within the body.

    A patient should seek the advice of a primary physician to understand what steps are needed to formulate a fitness and nutrition plan that promotes a healthy weight.

  • Is Liposuction Painful?

    Liposuction surgery is performed under anesthesia to prevent any pain during or immediately after the procedure. You may develop some discomfort in the days following your liposuction, which can be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.

    Exparel injections are highly suggested by Dr. Mendieta for reducing surgical pain by up to 80% before and after surgery. Exparel is an additional cost and must be administered during the procedure.

  • What are the Complications of Liposuction?

    Complications that result from liposuction surgery are rare. Some of the common liposuction risks are similar to those associated with any cosmetic surgical procedure include:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Scarring
    • Impaired healing
    • Adverse reaction to anesthesia

  • How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

    The cost of liposuction surgery depends on several factors, including the extent of correction, techniques used, surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and geographical location. The exact cost of your liposuction procedure will be determined during your private consultation. But there are some excellent options for financing your liposuction surgery.

  • Does Liposuction Leave Scars?

    While the incisions used for liposuction are minuscule, patients who undergo liposuction may experience minor scarring afterward. Dr. Mendieta is careful to place all surgical incisions in discreet areas of the body so that they may be easily concealed with clothing and bathing suits. Additionally, any scars are likely to fade over time.

  • Can Liposuction be done Under Local Anesthesia?

    While general anesthesia is available, liposuction is typically performed using local anesthesia. For your safety, you also want to ensure you are working with a board-certified anesthesiologist, regardless of the type of anesthesia chosen.

  • Is it Safe to do Liposuction after C Section?

    It is entirely safe to have liposuction after a C-section. However, a tummy tuck may be more appropriate if patients are looking to treat loose skin or muscle in the abdominal area.

    Scarring may also be an issue for some patients who have had a C-section. It is important to discuss the right liposuction option with your surgeon to accommodate your previous C-section scars.

  • Can Men Get Liposuction?

    Men are strong candidates for liposuction. While having different goals, the liposuction techniques used are the same, regardless of gender. Men desire leaner, more chiseled abs, and liposuction offers men great assistance towards acquiring a more athletic physique.

  • Does Liposuction affect Future Pregnancy?

    Liposuction will have no negative impact on pregnancy or childbirth. However, the changes to your body during pregnancy may alter or even reverse the results of liposuction. That is why it is advised that patients consider liposuction after they have had all their children.

    Maintaining a consistent weight through diet for at least six to twelve months before treatment can also significantly increase the success of long-term liposuction results.

  • Do You Lose Weight after Liposuction?

    It is common for misinformed patients to assume that liposuction can be used as a weight-loss method, but this is not true. Liposuction reduces the amount of fat in the body to produce a leaner, sleeker, and slimmer physique. Improving the body’s shape can significantly improve a patient’s self-image, confidence, and overall quality of life.

    Before undergoing liposuction, it is recommended that patients get close to their ideal weight to experience the most promising results.

  • Is Chin Liposuction Safe? Can You Get Liposuction on Your Face?

    Liposuction should not be used on the face as this may cause disruption to the skin’s surface and nerves. However, chin liposuction can be performed around the neck and jawline to get rid of double-chin or a “turkey neck” appearance.

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*Legal Disclaimer: Individual results may vary; every patient is unique, therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases. Before & after photos and videos are not guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: each individual patient’s results will be different.

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