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Breast Implant Fat Transfer in Miami

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Breast Implant Fat Transfer with Dr. Mendieta

Can you increase breast size without implants? Yes, you can. Fat transfer is the most natural breast implant type of augmentation. The fat transfer procedure enlarges your breast using your fat for breast implants.

Fat transfer is an excellent alternative to breast implants because it has minimal chances of tissue rejection since the fat is a part of your body. However, all breast enhancement surgeries have pros and cons. 

Breast Implant Fat Transfer in Miami

Breast Implants vs Fat Transfer which is Better?

There are two breast implants used for augmentation – silicone and saline. Silicone breast implants contain silicone gel, while saline implants have sterile salt water.

While both types of implants are relatively safe, you can develop complications from breast implants, such as: 

  • You can develop rippling in breast implants. Your surgeon can opt for fat grafting breast reconstruction with implants in this case.
  • The removal of breast implants due to infection is also a risk post-surgery.
  • Implants also rupture, requiring immediate removal and breast reconstruction.

In the silicone breast implants vs. saline debate: a ruptured saline breast implant is better because the salty water does not harm the body when it leaks to the surrounding tissues. However, your breast will lose shape from the deflation. On the other hand, silicone gel can cause discomfort when it leaks into your surrounding breast tissues.

Symptoms of leaky silicone breast implants include: 

  • A capsular contracture – where the body rejects the silicone gel by forming a hard and tough scar that tightens the breast
  • Swelling that does not subside for weeks.
  • Changes in breast size and shape
  • Increasing discomfort 

If you suspect your breast implant has ruptured, report to your surgeon immediately.

Are Saline Breast Implants Safe?

Compared to silicone implants, saline implants are better. However, they are more firm, full, and round, giving them an unnatural feel.

Do You Need to Replace Breast Implants?

You will require an implant removal surgery if you develop complications. You also have to remove the breast implants after 10 to 20 years. The type of implant you choose can make a difference in longevity. Traditional saline and silicone implants need replacement typically after 10 years. However, gummy bear implants are known to last longer, up to 20 years.

Breast Implant Fat Transfer in Miami

How Long does it Take to Recover from Breast Implants?

The first two weeks are the most crucial post-surgery. You can gradually resume normalcy after this period. You require at least eight weeks to get back on schedule.

Fat transfer breast implants are a better alternative if you have the best breast fat transfer surgeons performing the procedure. Although the procedure uses natural breast implants, fat transfer can become problematic. Aside from the potential post-surgery concerns like bruising, swelling, infection, scarring, and breast sensation changes, the grafted fat cells can die or develop calcium deposits.

You can also develop cysts and other abnormalities that make it impossible to detect abnormal breast tumors. Furthermore, breast enlargement with fat grafting excludes people without adequate fat stores, cancer history, and other medical complications. 

Other Breast Augmentation Options

Aside from implants and fat transfer, you have other options for breast enhancement:

  • A breast implant with fat transfer – the combination procedure reshapes, firms, and softness the breasts
  • A breast lift with no implant – breast reconstruction without implants removes sagging and enhances breast perkiness

What is the Safest Breast Implant?

The risks involved with any breast augmentation procedure significantly reduce when you have a qualified surgeon and surgery team. Due diligence on your part is imperative.

Below is a list of what to research before committing to a breast augmentation surgery:

  • Find out your surgeon’s qualifications and credentials.
  • Verify their membership on the board of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Look for reviews, testimonials, and proof of work.
  • Assess the team’s expertise on the subject matter.
  • Search for their contribution to the breast augmentation discourse on databases

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