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Breast Implants in Miami

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Breast Implant Surgery in Miami with Dr. Mendieta

Breast implant surgery procedures are the most popular cosmetic surgery in the US. Arguably, size and volume issues are the two common reasons people pursue breast implant surgery. Regardless of the motivation, you can get natural breast implant surgery in Miami.

Breast Implants in Miami

What are Breast Implants made of?

There are two breast implant types:

  1. Silicone Breast Implants

The most natural-looking breast implants contain silicone gel filled in flexible silicone shells. The gel feels like your natural breast tissue.

  1. Saline Breast Implants

The silicone sac in a saline breast implant contains sterile salt water. Saline breast implants are also firmer, fuller, and rounder, making them feel less natural. Nevertheless, you can modify the casing with texture to mimic natural breasts. 

Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants

Saline and silicone are safe breast implant alternatives. They have a shelf-life of 10 to 20 years with proper care. However, saline breast implants are safer in the body than silicone breast implants because they contain salt water, which gets absorbed into the surrounding tissues without causing any reaction in case of a leakage. Although a silicone breast rupture does not cause severe illness, it can cause breast discomfort when it spreads to the surrounding tissue. 

Breast Implants in Miami

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear breast implants are another option to traditional silicone and saline breast implants.This type of implant is more durable and holds it shape better. And also prevents problems with leaking and other common issues.

Breast Implant Surgery Procedure

Breast surgery occurs under total anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision under your breast or around your nipple; inserts the breast implants under the muscle or behind the breast tissue; and sutures the incision.

Do You Get Scars From Breast Implants?

A scar will develop because of the incision, but improves over time with proper healing. You will require plenty of rest and minimal usage of your chest and arms during your breast implant recovery period. Typically, the surgeon will prescribe pain medication to ease the discomfort.

Can You Breastfeed with Breast Implants?

Breastfeeding is possible with implants. However, the breast implant size and placement, and incision area may interfere with this ability. 

Side Effects of Breast Implants

You can develop complications from an autoimmune reaction to the implants, post-surgery infection, or procedural errors.

Possible surgical side effects include: 

  • Breast implant rippling – you can develop ripples under your breasts because of the implant. The surgeon rectifies this problem by grafting fat over the breast’s soft tissue to hide the ripples.
  • Breast implant capsular contracture – your body can react to the silicone shell, forming a hard and thick scar around the sac, which tightens your breasts, causes discomfort, and interferes with your breast symmetry. 

Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness

Signs of breast implant complications include: 

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive issues like anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, low concentration
  • Autoimmune symptoms like skin rashes, dry eyes, and hair loss

Your breast augmentation surgeon may recommend breast implant replacement if you develop these complications. 

Alternatives to Breast Implants

In case you opt for a breast implant removal procedure or decide to avoid the implant route, there are other ways to augment your breasts. You can opt for fat transfer breast implants, which entails replacing breast implants with fat from another part of your body.

If you want more than breast implant surgery, you can go for a breast lift with implants. This is a procedure where the surgeon removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat; and then inserts implants for firmness and volume. This type of breast surgery is ideal for someone with big or saggy breasts.

How to Finance Breast Implants

The average cost of breast implants in Miami is between $4000 to $8000. Financing for breast augmentation is often available.

Charge variations between plastic surgery practices depend on:

  • The patient’s case
  • The surgeon’s practice location
  • Service demand
  • The surgical team and facility fees
  • Medication and post-operation garments.


What Insurance Covers Breast Implants?

Insurance does not cover breast implant surgery. Only breast cancer patients qualify for coverage after mastectomy.

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