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What is Monsplasty?

The mons pubis is the fatty tissue that is directly above the genitals in the pubic region. This area is designed to protect the genital region. But with weight gain and aging, it can become enlarged and sag; changing the shape of the lower abdomen and pubic region (and possibly interfering with the genital area). A pubic lift, or monsplasty surgery, is a body contouring procedure to remove excess tissue and skin to reshape the mons pubis to enhance the appearance and improve function in the genital area. Dr. Mendieta at 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery can perform pubic lift surgery to reshape the mons pubis for a more flattering appearance at our plastic surgical center in Miami, FL.

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Am I a Candidate for Monsplasty?

An enlarged or sagging mons pubis can interfere with sexual intercourse and urination. It may also be uncomfortable or unattractive. Good candidates for pubic lift surgery are unhappy with the appearance of the pubic region below their lower abdomen or have experienced functional issues caused by excess fat or skin in the area. While women most commonly request this procedure, men can benefit from reshaping the pubic area as well. Like all plastic surgery, patients should be in good health and refrain from smoking or taking anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks before surgery.

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How Is Pubic Lift Surgery Performed?

If a pubic lift procedure is done as a stand-alone surgery, some patients can receive only local anesthesia. However, monsplasty is often completed in conjunction with a tummy tuck or other procedures that may require general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Mendieta will carefully remove excess fatty tissue and skin from the mons pubis; then tighten and reshape the area. The goal is to rejuvenate and restore a natural transition from the lower abdomen to the pubic region and improve genital appearance and function.

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What Is Monsplasty Recovery Like?

The recovery from a pubis lift procedure is relatively minimal compared to other types of plastic surgery. This is an outpatient surgery that is completed at our plastic surgery center in Miami, FL. Patients should have a friend or family member to take them home after their procedure. Most patients have some minimal discomfort with bruising and swelling in the area, but most non-strenuous activities can be resumed in about a week. Dr. Mendieta will recommend restricting exercise for 2-3 weeks or longer if there were other procedures completed at the same time as your monsplasty.


  • How long does a pubic lift surgery take?

    The length of the procedure depends on the patient and what needs to be completed, but usually pubic lift surgery can be performed in 1-2 hours on its own.

  • Is monsplasty covered by insurance?

    Most pubic lifts, or monsplasty, are completed for cosmetic reasons, so insurance does not usually cover the costs. Only if it can be proven to be medically necessary would it be possible to cover a pubic lift with insurance. But there are some great financing options available.

  • How soon can I have sexual intercourse after a pubic lift?

    It is important to allow swelling to dissipate before returning to regular activities like sex. In most cases, waiting at least four weeks after pubic lift surgery to resume sexual activities will be recommended.

  • Is the scar from monsplasty noticeable?

    Dr. Mendieta will place the incision for the pubic lift along the natural crease at the groin. Once the incision heals, the scar should fade and be barely visible.

  • Are the results from a pubic lift permanent?

    The fat tissue and excess skin that are removed from the mons pubis will not return, so the results are permanent. However, excess weight gain can impact the shape of the pubic region and the skin can sag with normal aging.

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