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Forehead Reduction Surgery in Miami

Harmony of the facial features is important to the aesthetics of the face. A long or larger forehead can appear disproportionate and create imbalance on the face. When the forehead appears larger, it is usually caused by a higher hairline that is genetic in nature. Ideally, the forehead should be about one-third of the total length of the face. If it is longer between the hairline and eyebrows, it can seem too large or out of balance with the rest of the facial features.

Forehead reduction surgery involves hairline lowering to improve the balance of the upper and lower face. Dr. Mendieta is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers forehead reduction surgery for facial balance at 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Individuals with a high hairline that are unhappy with their facial balance may be good candidates for hairline lowering, or forehead reduction surgery. Many patients with this issue complain of difficulty styling their hair to frame their face, as even bangs may not hang correctly to cover their forehead. While women request forehead reduction surgery more often than men, all genders can benefit from this surgery. Good candidates are healthy and preferably non-smokers with thick scalp hair, especially at the hairline on the forehead, and without a family history of hair loss. Good scalp laxity is important to allow for moving the hairline. In the two weeks before surgery, patients should not smoke or take anti-inflammatory medications to reduce health risks and aid in quicker recovery.

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What to Expect During Hairline Lowering Surgery

The forehead reduction procedure involves lowering the hairline up to one inch. This procedure is completed as an outpatient surgery. During the surgery, an incision is made across the forehead to remove a strip of skin below the existing hairline. The scalp is loosened and moved forward up to an inch to the lowest incision and sutured into place. The incision will be noticeable while it heals and may need to be hidden when in public for a few weeks after surgery.

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Forehead Reduction Surgery Recovery

The recovery time for forehead reduction surgery is minimal – about one week for most patients. Some bruising and swelling are to be expected during the week after surgery, but pain and discomfort are minimal. Most patients can return to work and normal activities a week after surgery. The redness of the incision will fade in the weeks after surgery, and most incisions are no longer visible in about 2-3 weeks.


The improved balance of the forehead and face is immediate after surgery, and once the incision heals completely, the results look natural. Some patients pair hairline lowering with a browlift to maximize the effect of reducing the forehead length.

Forehead Reduction FAQs

  • Can someone with hair grafting have hairline lowering surgery?

    In most cases, yes. The ideal candidate for hairline lowering or forehead reduction has thick hair, but Dr. Mendieta will analyze each patient separately to determine if they are good candidates for this procedure.

  • What type of anesthesia is used for forehead reduction surgery?

    Some patients only need local anesthesia for forehead reduction surgery, but sedation options are available.

  • What if I need my forehead to be lowered more than an inch?

    Dr. Mendieta can discuss different options to achieve the desired forehead size and hairline position. Some patients can receive a two-step procedure or a browlift in conjunction to reduce the size of the forehead further.

  • How much does hairline lowering cost?

    The cost of the surgery depends on the patient and what exactly will be performed. Our team at 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery can schedule a consultation with Dr. Mendieta at our clinic in Miami to discuss the forehead reduction procedure. We can give you a cost estimate based on your specific surgery. And there are some great financing options for these types of aesthetic procedures.

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