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5 Reasons Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Posted August 26, 2020 in Male Plastic Surgery

Why are More Men Getting Plastic Surgery?

With the advent of technology, the masculinization of cosmetic techniques and the lessening of cultural stigma, more men are feeling empowered to take their looks into their own hands. Since the days of the “gentleman,” men have been adopting new ways to make themselves dapper and well-groomed. 

why more men are getting plastic surgery

Now, this simply means that men concerned with their aging appearance have the opportunity to do something about it.

Below are five reasons why more men are getting plastic surgery and why you should consider it. 

1. Advanced Technology in Aesthetic Medicine

For much of the early history of plastic surgery, procedures like facelift surgery were seen as only feminine (or for women). Many men who were looking for solutions that particularly met their masculine ideals had nowhere to go. Thankfully, the advancements in aesthetic medicine tools (i.e. endoscopes, sutures, and more) have made accommodating masculine ideals of beauty possible. 

2. Masculinization of Aesthetic Procedures and Techniques 

The masculinization of aesthetic procedures and techniques has also catalyzed thousands of men to seek aesthetic help. More surgeons have gravitated towards creating and mastering more inclusive procedures. Now we are able to provide a lean-looking abdomen with abdominal etching or athleticism of the male chest with pectoral implants. Men can also improve other areas of the body, such as their calves

Masculine techniques that surgeons use today adopt conservative approaches to more accurately refine and uplift areas, such as the face, nose, or brows. They highlight the angular features that men want. Even in male liposuction, hard edges and sharp contours are emphasized to avoid men from appearing too feminine.  

3. Cultural Stigmas No More

Whether through music, fashion, film, or television, images of manhood have shifted to celebrate creativity, expression, and more than one style of being. With this, men are no longer “afraid” of what getting plastic surgery would mean. This acceptance has caused significant upticks in the number of cosmetic surgeries performed on men.

With facial rejuvenation stigmas gone, men now have more liberty to find various plastic surgery procedures that enhance specific features of their skin quality. For example, microdermabrasion can improve the skin’s surface by dislodging unwanted bacteria and dead skin, revealing a refreshed appearance. 

4. Affordability and Convenience 

Much like women, men no longer have to go under the knife to diminish aging signs or enhance their appearance. Some of the most effective treatments for men can be affordable, low-risk, and easy-to-recover from treatments, such as injectables and dermal fillers

5. Confidence Is Key

Once again, middle-aged men have the opportunity to enjoy their handsomeness at its highest potential. By trying new things to find out what they like, men can feel more confident about themselves and their outlook on life.

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Beauty is not for women alone. Modern plastic surgery techniques have made it possible for men to turn back the clock of time and step into a more youthful version of themselves.

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