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How Can I Get a Fuller Butt?

Posted January 15, 2018 in Brazilian Butt Lift, News

Have You Looked at Your Backside Lately? Maybe you have glanced back when getting dressed for work or walked by a mirror in a department store. Does your buttocks appear too small for your body frame? Is the shape of your buttocks flat or even square in appearance? Do you have a buttocks that is […]

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Dr. Mendieta Featured in Vogue Man*

Posted November 01, 2017 in News

Vogue Man was a monthly men’s magazine that covered fashion, design, art, culture, sports and technology. They recently wrote an article that mentioned ‘The Adonis body sculpting procedure’. Below is an excerpt: “Flying specialists into the region has also become big business with Nova Clinic introducing a new body sculpting procedure called The Adonis, created […]

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Quality Patient Care: A Distinguished Honor*

Posted September 17, 2014 in About Dr. Mendieta, English, News

Dr. Mendieta Talks about the Importance of Quality Patient Care “My patients deserve the utmost respect and consideration. And I always strive to maintain a professional yet friendly attitude while providing them with the highest quality of care. When all is said and done, I get the most satisfaction knowing that they had a positive, […]

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La “Belfie” en Inglés (La Selfie del los Glúteos)*

Posted August 08, 2014 in About Dr. Mendieta, Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Augmentation, Celebrity, Espanol, Media, News

*Con el predominio que tienen las redes sociales de internet y el incremento de la apreciación hacia la parte posterior (los glúteos) en estos días, no, nos sorprende cuando vemos que una de las nuevas tendencias en las redes sociales es la publicación continua de fotos mostrando los glúteos (“selfies”), mejor conocida como “Belfie.” Jen […]

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