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Breast Implant Rupture

Posted May 17, 2023 in Breast Implant Revision, Breast Implants

More and more women who want to enhance the size and shape of their breasts are now opting for breast implant surgery. However, the procedure presents significant risks. One of the most significant risks is breast implants rupture; a painful and dangerous complication. Continue reading to explore the symptoms, treatment and prevention of breast implant rupture.

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Breast Implant Infection

Posted May 17, 2023 in Breast Implant Revision, Breast Implants

Breast argumentation provides solutions for women to enhance their appearance and feel more confident. However, the procedure that promises to enlarge the breast can cause breast implant infection. Please continue reading to learn more about breast implant infections, their signs and treatment options.

The following is a guide to breast implant infection, seeking appropriate medical care and finding the best breast implant removal surgeon for your procedure.

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Breast Implant Rippling

Posted May 17, 2023 in Breast Implant Revision, Breast Implants, Breast Lift

A rippling breast implant is a common complication of breast augmentation. It occurs when the breast implant wrinkles to a point where the patient can see or feel it. What causes rippling in breast implants, and what are the solutions for treatment? This article provides information on breast implant rippling; its causes, signs and potential solutions. The aim is to help you make informed decisions about managing or preventing rippling. This includes exploring alternative options such as breast implant removal.

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Should I Get a Breast Implant Revision?

Posted April 09, 2020 in Breast Implant Revision

Dealing with Breast Augmentation Complications Breast augmentation surgery can be a life-changing procedure that restores youth and confidence. Yet, inexperienced surgeons (or unfortunate healing circumstances) can cause breast augmentation to turn out less successful than expected. Patients who seek Dr. Mendieta’s professional experience and patient-oriented care can receive the breast revision necessary to fully enjoy […]

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