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What Does Liposuction Do?

Posted September 29, 2023 in Body Contouring, Liposuction, Med Spa Blog

Liposuction is the Number 2 procedure in the world (just following breast augmentation at Number1). It involves removing unwanted, excess fat within the body in areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms or neck. This is a wonderful procedure for patients who have been struggling to get rid of fat on their own by dieting and exercising. The procedure is also referred to as ‘lipoplasty, or ‘lipolysis’.

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How to Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Posted July 19, 2023 in Body Contouring, Mommy Makeover, Recovery

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, but you can regain control after birth. Enough rest, proper nutrition and a bit of exercise will go a long way in helping you regain your shape. However, food and workouts will only fix some things. Stretch marks, loose skin and saggy breasts require better approaches. At 4beauty, we specialize in cosmetic treatments in Miami.

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Wave Goodbye to Bat Wings

Posted April 08, 2022 in Arm Lift, Body Contouring

Arm Lift Surgery with Dr. Mendieta in Miami Have you noticed when you wave hello or goodbye lately your arm wave doesn’t stop when your hand does? Do you find yourself avoiding short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts? If you must wear them, do you keep your arms to your sides so no one can see your […]

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How a Tummy Tuck Can Re-Charge Your Confidence

Posted December 20, 2021 in Tummy Tuck, Body Contouring

Tummy Tuck Talk with Dr. Mendieta  When you aren’t happy with how you look, it isn’t easy to remain confident and in charge of your life. So, if you’re ready to take a step toward regaining your spark and taking charge of a room the minute you walk in, it could be time to consider […]

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