Dr. Mendieta’s Signature Enhancement Techniques for a Beautiful Butt*

Dr. Mendieta understands that people have different views of beauty, and he tailors his butt enhancement procedures to meet each patient’s individual desires.* During an initial consultation, Dr. Mendieta evaluates the patient to determine the most appropriate technique for their condition that will meet their enhancement goals.* He takes into account the patient’s entire body…

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El Dr. Mendieta presentando en Harper’s Bazaar*

Harper’s Bazaar fue la primera revista de modas, que hizo su debut en 1867, y en la actualidad sigue a la vanguardia debido a los productos sofisticados que presenta entre sus páginas del mundo de la moda, la belleza, así como de la cultura popular. En Abril 4, 2014, Harper’s Bazaar  presento la lista de…

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Why More Men Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery*

In our society, having a youthful and attractive appearance can be highly beneficial, and this doesn’t only apply to women. The consensus that plastic surgery patients are all women is no longer true due to a large increase in the number of men who have undergone plastic surgery over the last few years. In fact,…

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To Liposuction or Not to Liposuction*

Butt enhancement surgery can be performed to achieve rounder, voluminous buttocks with a more attractive contour.* There are a couple different techniques that can be used for the surgery: patients have the option of butt augmentation with fat transfer or butt augmentation with implants. The fat transfer, or “autologous fat grafting,” method involves removing fat…

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Liposucción o No Liposucción*

La cirugía del aumento de los glúteos se puede realizar para adquirir un una parte trasera más voluminosa y redondeada con un contorno y atractiva apariencia. Existen un par de técnicas que pueden ser usadas en este tipo de cirugía: los pacientes tienen la opción del aumento de los glúteos con la transferencia de la…

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How Soon Can I Be Active After a Butt Lift Procedure?*

Anyone interested in butt augmentation is usually curious as to how much downtime is required after surgery, especially now with the increasing appeal of outside activities in the warm summer weather. I often perform butt lift surgery using my signature “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer” 3D approach to provide results that look and feel…

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