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Dr. Mendieta’s Signature Enhancement Techniques for a Beautiful Butt*

Posted August 06, 2014 in About Dr. Mendieta, Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Augmentation, English, Liposuction

Dr. Mendieta understands that people have different views of beauty. And he tailors his butt enhancement procedures to meet each patient’s individual desires.* During an initial consultation, Dr. Mendieta evaluates the patient to determine the most appropriate technique for their condition that will meet their enhancement goals.*

 Dr. Mendieta Miami thong lift procedure

He takes into account the patient’s entire body before reshaping the buttocks in order to determine how to best enhance the buttocks in relation to the rest of the body.* Two of Dr. Mendieta’s most popular butt enhancement techniques are the Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach and the Miami Thong Lift.

Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach*

One of the most popular techniques for butt augmentation is fat transfer, commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This method removes excess fat from particular areas of the body and, after preparing it, transfers the fat to the butt to make it bigger. Dr. Mendieta has perfected the fat grafting technique and developed his Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D Approach to sculpt the butt rather than just making it bigger, since other issues than just size often need to be addressed.*

With his technique, Dr. Mendieta strategically injects the liposuctioned fat into the buttocks to enhance the size and shape in relation to the rest of the body.* Dr. Mendieta can combine this method with his other techniques to further improve the contours of the butt to achieve the ideal shape and size.*

Miami Thong lift*

This technique deals with the inner portion of the buttocks along the crease and where the buttocks meet the legs (known as the inner gluteal fold). The ideal buttocks and legs do not have fullness at the gluteal fold; and unite upward into a 45-degree A-shaped angle between the cheeks. As the fullness at the gluteal fold increases, the angle between the buttocks and the legs becomes more horizontal (90 degrees). And the aesthetics of the buttocks begins to decrease. As more fat builds up and the butt sags down, the 45 degree angle inverses and a V-shaped angle develops (also known as the “dirty diaper look).”

The technique to correct these conditions is called the Miami Thong Lift because it hides the incisions along the inside of the crease between the buttocks where a thong would go.* Patients with the simplest degree of sagging (those close to the 90 degree angle) can benefit from liposuction through a tiny incision to remove the fullness that exists.*

Those with a greater degree of sagging and fullness at the gluteal crease will require longer incisions for liposuction.* For more extensive conditions, Dr. Mendieta can also create a suture suspension that will lift the buttocks.*

Stay tuned for future blogs on more of Dr. Mendieta’s signature enhancement techniques for a beautiful butt.

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