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Buttocks Cosmetic Surgery in Miami

Today’s fashions call for shapely buttocks, no matter your age. At 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery, we have a variety of treatments for your buttocks, so you will look your best in all manner of fashion. Whether you are sporting leggings, a bikini or other clothing that requires a smooth, shapely derriere, we can help you achieve that perfect look.

Our Miami center for plastic surgery is known for the Brazilian Butt Lift. This life-transforming treatment reshapes the buttocks and creates a natural, shapely silhouette. In addition to improving the proportions of your body, it enhances the curves of your derriere; reduces fat deposits on areas of your body; and gives you a more appealing look.

In addition to this innovative buttock procedure, our plastic surgery center in Miami also offers:

Dr. Mendieta’s butt augmentation procedures can reshape your buttocks into the shapely curvaceous look you desire. The variety of butt procedures available ensure that you have options to achieve the perfect look for your body shape and size.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures for the Individual

Men and women can feel inadequate when it comes to the look or size of the buttocks. Our procedures are available for both. So whether you are male or female, you can enhance the appearance of your gluteal anatomy to reach your aesthetic goals.

A saggy rear-end can be lifted and filled out, giving you definition and curves that will look good in any outfit. Our “Miami Thong Lift” contours your buttocks to produce a firm round look that is difficult to attain by exercises alone.

Silicone Removal

Too often, patients suffer from black market silicone injections hoping to achieve their perfect figure. These illegal procedures can create serious health risks and even death. Our plastic surgeons in Miami are skilled in removing the silicone, which can cause severe pain and swelling. If you have had silicone injections in your buttocks and it is now causing you problems, ask about our silicone removal procedures.

Find Out More About Your Butt Augmentation Options in Miami

Whether you are looking to enhance your buttocks or need to address problems with black market silicone injections, you can depend on 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery for exceptional results. Call us today at 305-860-0717  to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our top plastic surgeons in Miami. You may also contact us online.


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