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“Black Madam” Proves Anyone Can Pose as a Surgeon

Posted December 19, 2012 in Butt Augmentation, English, News

When will we, as a society, learn? Only a qualified plastic surgeon should perform surgery, especially when it comes to a delicate, complex procedure such as butt augmentation.* Unfortunately, however, in the past few years more and more cases of illegal surgeries have popped up. In December 2009, I addressed the saddening death of Miss Argentina, the then 37-year old Solange Magnano, after undergoing a butt enhancement procedure. Although the circumstances that surrounded this event are unknown, there were reports that a liquid-type injection was used for her enhancement.*

The Black Madam in Philadelphia 

A few months ago we learned about Philadelphia’s Padge Windslowe (a.k.a. “The Black Madam”). As reported on back in mid-May, Windslowe “used silicone from Thailand and Krazy Glue to perform at-home cosmetic surgery that left an exotic dancer with a plump derriere — and potentially deadly complications…

This article also reported that Philadelphia police believed Padge performed at least 14 cosmetic surgery procedures (at “pumping parties”), moving locations to avoid being caught.*

There are so many dangers when going to a non-plastic surgeon for a surgical procedure.*

Some of these so-called ‘doctors’ lie and say they are surgeons. While others openly admit it. In both instances, there are individuals who still undergo surgery with these people. Either these prospective patients are unaware of that person’s background (due to their lack of research), or they do not understand the risk they are putting themselves at if they decide to go to a “doctor” with a lack of experience, knowledge, and skills.*

A Botched Job Could Cause Disfigurement!

I am very passionate about providing my patients with a safe, rewarding plastic surgery experience. Which is why I want everyone to understand that a board certified plastic surgeon is the best person to go to for buttock augmentation.*

I have extensive experience in this procedure; having lectured throughout the world on my signature fat grafting technique. The saying “Your body is your temple” is true! So please consider this before turning to a non-medical practitioner just because they offer you a cheap procedure. A botched job could cause disfigurement, a medical problem, or even death. Do your research and be smart!*

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