10 Years Younger Instantly*

Have you ever looked through a magazine and wondered how all of the celebrities or models look so incredibly young?  Are they really using a new face cream that they are endorsing?  Probably not.  In Andrea’s case, she was feeling amazing after losing weight and eating healthier; however, when she looked in the mirror, she didn’t look the way that she felt.  One of Andrea’s concerns included her asymmetric eyebrows, the right was higher than the left, causing her eyes to look hidden.  The fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes and forehead were also a concern and was taken care of by relaxing the muscles using Botox.*  Botox was used to soften the fine lines and wrinkles as well as correcting the asymmetric eyebrows.*  

This beautiful patient also had a midface lift using injectable fillers to defy gravity and restore her cheekbones for a more youthful shape.*  Would you believe that in both pictures, she was not wearing any foundation on her skin? Well, it’s true and is attainable with the halo laser by Sciton.*  Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that uses both ablative and nonablative technology to resurface the skin.*  The benefits include younger skin cells, increased collagen production, dewy skin, decreased pore size and removing sun damage!*  As you can see, once the collagen is more organized, you begin to reflect the light.*  

Eyebrows, lashes and lips frame the face, but what good is a frame if you don’t have the luminous skin?  

“You are beautiful”,


Lindsay PA-C xoxo

Lips & Mistletoe*

Did you know that approximately 80% of people who go in for a kiss tilt their heads to the right?  Kissing not only enhances the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, but it can lower stress.*  Having a nice, full pout can make kissing even more enjoyable.*  Lips come in many different shapes and sizes and all of them can be enhanced with a little hyaluronic acid filler.*  Fillers can be anything, from juvederm/restylane to volbella.  Luscious lips can look anything from Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, or the iconic classic, Marilyn Monroe.  Having beautiful, full lips can enhance anyone’s face and increase self confidence.*  Filler may lasts anywhere from 6 to 9 months, depending upon how fast your metabolism breaks down the filler.*

A lot of people are initially nervous about having their lips injected with a filler, but let me tell you that it is not painful.*  Topical numbing cream is applied and sometimes even performing a simple nerve block can help to alleviate pain.*  

Lip augmentation can look as natural or as supernatural as you would like them to be.*  It is important to do your research and then to go to an expert injector, in order to have the best results for your lip shape.*

So go ahead, fill the lips, enjoy a nice makeout session, reduce stress and increase happiness.*

Before And After*


“I got a question for you, gonna come over here and kiss me with those pretty lips?”

Agatha Bird, Like a Sparrow Through the Heart

Xxx’s & ooo’s,

Lindsay, PA-C




Would you love for your skin to glow, to be radiant and without blemishes or sun/age spots? With Sciton BBL, the fountain of forever young skin can now be attainable.* BBL stands for broad band light.  It uses different energy and wavelengths to precisely treat skin at a cellular level by reversing the genes.*  This is an incredible light source that not only reverses the signs of aging, but keeps your skin looking at least ten years younger.*  Light can be used on any part of the body and treats many skin conditions including acne, pigmented lesions (freckles, age and sun spots), skin firmness, uneven skin texture, large pores, unwanted hair.*

Think of the light therapy as energy being delivered to the upper layers of your skin.  The heat is then absorbed and stimulates your skin cells to regenerate new collagen.*  It takes damaged and aged skin with unorganized collagen and makes it brand new.*  This enables your skin to reflect light and thus you appear more youthful.*  Light therapy allows your skin to restore itself to its natural beauty without all of the stress, sun damage, environmental pollutants and even hormonal changes.*  

The forever young light therapy is easy, painless, noninvasive and very safe.*  You do not even need a topical anesthetic.*  The most that you will feel is a rubber band-type sensation with each pulse of light.*  There is absolutely zero down-time.*  

Before light therapy, you must remain out of the sun for at least two weeks prior to the treatment and one month post light therapy.  Always wear a sunscreen at all times to protect your new skin.

The best light treatments and results are with a total of five sessions, spaced a couple of weeks apart.*  Once you have completed the initial fotofacial light therapy, it is necessary to maintain your skin with a great skincare routine as well as light therapy every time the seasons change to maintain your vibrant skin.*

‘There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it’

~Edith Wharton


Lindsay PA-C

Let Your Skin Glow with HALO*

Where are all of the celebrities getting their ‘Red-Carpet Glow’?  

The answer is with the hybrid fractional laser called HALO.  It uses both ablative and non-ablative technology.  This simply means that when the laser ablates the skin, it makes teeny tiny holes into the skin’s surface so that the nonablative laser can heat up the skin.  This in turn causes the body to produce collagen and elastin, zapping wrinkles, sun damage, minimizes pore size and overall making your skin baby soft and reflecting light.*  

The HALO uses erbium-YAG laser to target wrinkles and resurface the skin.  

So why erbium and why not CO2 or fraxel?  

The erbium-YAG targets the superficial water-containing tissue in the skin more efficiently than CO2 or fraxel.* It also has less downtime and decreased risk of causing hypopigmentation or prolonged periods of redness.*  HALO is so precise in the skin depth and surface area treated, that it ultimately results in faster re-epithelialization (healing of skin) than any other laser!*  With less downtime, tunable depth and coverage, halo is the perfect laser to rejuvenate your skin for the holidays.*

Product of the month is the Alpheon epidermal serum to maintain your halo glow all year long!*

I have the stardom glow. Jennifer Lopez


Lindsay PA-C



citation : the image above was taken from https://www.instagram.com/chelseahandler/ using a profractional laser treatment with Melissa Montes at honest dermatology in encino, california


We work hard, try to focus all of our time and energy on our significant others, children, work, chores, etc.  When it comes right down to it, all of our energy has been spent by the time the sun has set.  A lot of women may feel that if we take time for ourselves, we are being selfish and not giving one hundred percent to our loved ones.  In fact, the opposite is true, when we don’t take care of ourselves, our loved ones are missing out on our true beauty.*

Sexual health plays a huge role in how we relate to ourselves and to others. There is something absolutely beautiful about a woman who is self-assured and passionate about life.*

A lot of women have symptoms of sexual dysfunction that range from low libido to anorgasmia (inability to orgasm).  Other symptoms include bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, hormone imbalances, anxiety and depression.*  

Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the greatest times in a woman’s life. But our bodies can only repair so much and frequently, we are left with urinary incontinence, hormone changes, etc.*

Those conditions are now completely treatable.*  

My absolute favorite gift to women to resolve sexual dysfunction is the diVa, an amazing laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.  It only takes 3 minutes per treatment, strengthens the vaginal epithelium (skin) to increase tone, relieve urinary incontinence, lubricate the tissues, and tighten the vaginal canal.*  

  • diVa treats all of the symptoms and is non-surgical, comfortable and life-changing!  It is time for women to start taking care of our sexual health and to not feel guilty about it.*  
  • Along with the diVa is another personal favorite called the ‘O Shot’.  It uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) that is placed into the clitoris and the G spot to help suspend the bladder and to increase arousal, strengthen orgasms and increase lubrication.*  
  • The combination treatments of the diVa laser and O Shot is truly an orgasmic experience.  If there is one thing to take away from this, let it be this…sexual health is just as important as your emotional and mental health.*  



“It’s hard to feel desire when you don’t feel desirable”

Christine Feehan, Safe Harbor