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Male Liposuction

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What is Male Liposuction?

Miami Dr. Constantino Mendieta offers male liposuction options. Liposuction is a procedure that can turn back the hands of time on a male physique.* Whether you want to enjoy the svelte waistline of your youth or touch up a minor area – liposuction is perfect for you.*

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Liposuction is a technique specifically designed to shape and contour the body, which in result will make any man look more athletic, defined and attractive.* Dr. Mendieta is the world’s expert on male body contouring and within an afternoon, you can say goodbye to all your problem areas.* Dr. Mendieta will remove fat that is concealing the underlying muscle – which will give you a more youthful and defined look.* He is able to do this with no visible incision marks, so that you look natural as soon as you walk out.*

Weight gain increases the size and volume of fat cells. Liposuction precisely removes and reduces the amount of fat cells in hard-to-exercise body parts.* Depending on the shape, size, and volume of the original fat cells, and overall positive appearance change can be achieved.* With continued exercise and diet to control future weight gain, liposuction results can remain long lasting.* We offer a wide selection of liposuctions tailored to meet perfect the male physique. As a liposuction candidate you can expect the best possible service and results from Dr. Mendieta and his award winning Miami-based practice.*

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Male Liposuction FAQs

  • What is male liposuction?

    Male liposuction is the procedure which involves the removal of excess , stubborn fat, creating a well-contoured and toned body. Genetics, and natural aging, and other factors can make it difficult for men to obtain the toned body they really want.

  • How much does male liposuction cost?

    The cost of liposuction ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. Cost varies depending on a variety of factors including geographical location, surgeon, body part(s) to be performed on, and anesthesia cost.

  • What is the recovery time?

    It can depend on the procedure(s) performed and your natural ability to heal. Most people can return back to work a week following surgery, and can resume normal physical activity in 2 weeks. Bruising, soreness, and swelling can last for at least 3 weeks.

  • How long does a male liposuction procedure take?

    Most procedures can take approximately an hour, but can vary depending on the extent of the fat removal process, and your surgeon’s skill.

  • How long does male liposuction last?

    Male liposuction can be long lasting if you maintain good diet and exercise.

  • Who is a candidate for male liposuction?

    A good candidate is someone in good health and has realistic expectations. It is also someone wanting to remove excess fat and tone areas of their body such as the abdomen, thighs, chest, back, and calves. It is important to note that liposuction is not to diet and exercise. In order to have long-lasting results you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Can male liposuction be combined with other procedures?

    Male liposuctions can be combined with other procedures such as abdominal etching, as long as you are good candidate to do so. Your surgeon should inform you on the best option(s) for you, since each individual case is different.

  • What are the risks involved with male liposuction?

    Common risks include bleeding, numbness, swelling, and bruising. Additional more severe risks include skin irregularities, infections, blood clots, allergic reactions, and adverse reaction to anesthesia.

  • What should I do or take leading up to male liposuction?

    Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications or herbal supplements at least 2 weeks before surgery, and you must stop smoking.

  • What type of Anesthesia is used for male liposuction?

    Local or general anesthesia can be used depending on the degree of fat removal.

  • If I'm visiting from out-of-town, how long should I remain after surgery before departing?

    You should remain in town for one week for a follow-up, and generally be in close proximity to your surgeon should any complications arise within that time.

  • When can I begin exercising after the surgery?

    You should be able to resume your normal exercise routine in 7-10 days. It is recommended that you slowly ease your body into more strenuous activities, such as weight lifting.

  • How long should I wear my compression garment for following surgery?

    A compression garment should be worn for 2 weeks, but can be worn for longer to assist in the healing of tissues, and reduction of swelling.

  • Where are the incisions made for male liposuction?

    This will depend on the procedure(s) to be performed. An experienced surgeon will use the best possible to incision technique that will hide or minimizes scarring at the incision site.

  • Is there any pain with male liposuction?

    The first few days are usually the hardest with respect to pain, soreness, swelling, and bruising. You will be prescribed medication to assist with the pain, should you choose to take it.

  • At what age can male liposuction be performed?

    Health is a more of a determining factor here than age. Male liposuction can performed on men of all ages, but is most commonly performed on men in their mid-thirties to mid-fifties. Surgeons rarely perform this procedure on minors unless medically necessary.

  • When will I be able to see the results?

    Results are evident immediately, but can take several weeks to see full results once the swelling and bruising subside.

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