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Neo® Laser by Aerolase®

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Aerolase® in Miami

Laser treatments are some of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures. Their versatility and convenience make them an attractive choice for people who want to tighten sagging skin, reduce acne scars, remove unwanted hair, or address a range of other cosmetic concerns.

The Aerolase® family of laser treatments opens up a new frontier in the world of laser rejuvenation. Its uniquely designed Aerolase® Neo® lasers deliver a powerful level of efficiency in one device, making it one of the best ways to ensure a beautiful, radiant appearance.

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Ideal Candidates for Aerolase® Neo® lasers

Aerolase® Neo® lasers can be used on almost any skin type and are well-tolerated by most patients. Nearly everyone can benefit from an Aerolase® Neo® laser treatment. Candidates can use it to treat the following concerns:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Melasma (dark, discolored patches) and hyperpigmentation
  • Scars, warts, and other deformities
  • Sagging or loose skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unwanted hair on face or body
  • Rosacea or psoriasis
  • Nail fungus

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Aerolase® Techniques/Options

What makes Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments revolutionary lies in what it calls its 650 Microsecond Technology®—a high-energy laser beam with an overall shorter pulse than other laser treatments.

These pulses essentially deliver a higher dose of energy to the target area in a shorter duration, eliminating the risk of overheating the skin and reducing pain. The Aerolase® Neo® family includes several options that are specially designed to treat a particular condition:

Aerolase® NeoClear

NeoClear® is primarily designed as an acne treatment system, going deep under the surface to get rid of what causes blemishes to begin with. It’s used to effectively kill present acne while removing acne scars and clearing up skin tone.

Aerolase® NeoSkin

This treatment is specially designed to tighten sagging and loose skin along the face, neck, and chest. The laser energy stimulates collagen growth to boost skin regeneration from within, improving skin tone and firmness.


Because it uses shorter, high-energy laser pulses, treatments are completed faster than with other types of lasers. This also cuts down how long skin is exposed to heat from the lasers, minimizing the risk of skin damage while also reducing discomfort.

Patients will need to avoid sun exposure right after Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments to avoid damaging treated skin. There may be minor side effects like swelling or itching on treated areas, which should subside within a day after treatments.


Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments provide some of the fastest results available, with most patients seeing visible improvement from their very first session.

A few repeated sessions will be necessary for most cosmetic concerns, but some patients may see effective results that last for several months with only one treatment. Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments are gentle enough to be combined with other rejuvenation procedures.


  • What are Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments?

    Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments use the Lightpod device to deliver a shorter, high-energy laser pulse beam. The shorter pulses ensure a powerfully effective treatment in less time and with less risk of damaging skin.

  • What is Aerolase® NeoClear?

    A branded Aerolase® Neo® laser treatment that’s customized to treat acne and acne scars.

  • What is Aerolase® NeoSkin?

    A branded Aerolase® Neo® laser treatment specially designed for skin rejuvenation, particularly for areas of the face, neck, and chest.

  • Can Aerolase® Neo® laser be used for hair removal?

    Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments can be used for hair removal on nearly any area of the face and body, along with treating other cosmetic concerns.

  • Can I combine Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments with others?

    Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments are much more gentle than others and can easily be combined with other Aerolase® Neo® laser treatments or other rejuvenation procedures.

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