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What Is Laser Hair Removal and How Is It Different For Men?

Posted September 29, 2020 in Laser Hair Removal, Male Plastic Surgery

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If there’s one thing cosmetic experts agree on, it is the ever-increasing number of men seeking cosmetic solutions. In step with this trend, cosmetic medicine is seeing a shift in techniques and technology tailored to male aesthetics. 

One of these is laser hair removal technology. Laser hair removal has long been a staple for women, and it has now become one of the key technologies being modified to benefit men as well.

Do Men Really Need Laser Hair Removal?

Just like women, men have unwanted hair on their bodies. And as men tend to produce more hair growth throughout their body, it is obvious why hair removal for men is desirable. 

While some men appreciate their hair, others would be just as happy to see it gone. For those men, laser hair removal may be the solution. New laser hair technologies like the GentleMax Laser offer precise and conservative hair removal applications. The GentleMax Laser offers men the ability to eliminate unwanted hair follicles with accuracy and without having to shave, wax, or pluck.

What Should Men Know Before Laser Hair Removal?

To start, men who are looking to receive laser hair removal should have a clear understanding that most laser hair removal technologies eliminate the follicles in a given area; making hair removal essentially permanent. Because there is no going back, men should be absolutely sure they don’t want their hair. 

Once an area is chosen, patients should work with their cosmetic surgeon to find the best schedule for multiple sessions. Patients should anticipate the need for more than one treatment. 

Other preparatory steps that will greatly benefit the success of the treatment include making sure you have hydrated and unshaved skin. You will need to have some growth in order for the laser to identify the hair follicles. 

After your treatment, saunas, hot showers, and any temperature-raising activities should be avoided for a couple of days. 

Why Would I Need More Than One Laser Hair Removal Session?

Your hair grows in different stages or cycles. Because of this, you will need multiple sessions to target hair follicles at each stage of growth. 

Most hair growth cycles typically take six weeks of growing and shedding. 

Interested In Learning More About Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is not for women alone. If you would like to learn more about our laser hair removal for men, call our Miami office at (305) 860-0717 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mendieta.

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