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Chin Augmentation

Plastic Surgery in Miami

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Miami based plastic surgeon Dr. Mendieta performs chin augmentation using surgical implants to provide better balance to the facial features. In many cases his procedure is combined with a rhinoplasty. Chin augmentation is a relatively easy operation for the patient but produces noticeable changes to the facial silhouette.

The implant itself comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be used to fashion a chin that is stronger or wider, and can even make your face appear longer. The chin implant is placed over the existing bone structure of your lower jaw to increase its dimensions and produce your desired result.

A weak chin can accentuate the size of the nose and make the neck appear fleshy. Dr. Mendieta offers chin augmentation to help those with a recessed chin, a pointed or squared chin, a prominent nose and a fleshy neck.

Please note that for chin implant surgery to be successful, your jaw and teeth must function properly.

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