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Chemical Peels

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Depending on the severity of your age spots a chemical peel can be highly beneficial. Less severe coloration can be taken care of with superficial chemical peels. However, if the damage to the skin is more dramatic, a physician may choose a deeper form of chemical peel. Superficial chemical peels allow the patient to resume normal daily activities immediately. A deeper chemical peel may require some downtime with some visual side effects. It is important to consult with your cosmetic specialist at our med spa and shows the procedure that is right for your condition.


An innovative new manual exfoliation technique, dermaplaning or dermablading can minimize the effects of acne scars and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. This technique is also helpful to remove translucent Facial hairs. Not recommended for other areas of the body, dermaplaning is usually performed on the facial region. One procedure is given every month to remove naturally occurring dead skin cells. Treatments must be performed by a licensed esthetician because the method levels the outermost layer of dead skin cells.

Amazing Peel

Formulated with hydroxy acid an amazing pill will improve the Skins overall appearance, texture, and firmness. Great for acne-prone skin, the amazing pill will help reverse the signs of aging as well as minimize damage skin from the environment. It is an ideal solution for all skin types. Most cosmetic Physicians will prescribe several series of pills in order to get the highest level of results. Clients are thrilled with the results and often experience minimal downtime.

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