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What Can Be Done for Dark, Splotchy Skin?

Posted February 09, 2022 in MedSpa Services, Melasma Treatment

Miami LaserTreatment for Dark Spots

treatment for dark spots in MiamiEach day you look in the mirror to see the same you as always. Then one day realize you’re seeing darker splotches on that oh-so-familiar face. You become a little anxious that it may be Melanoma. After all, you’ve run the gamut of exposure, from sunbathing with baby oil in your teens. And using other “tanning lotions”, to covering up and using the highest SPF sun block you can find. Finally, you sigh in relief when you see your dermatologist and learn your fear is unwarranted. But you receive a diagnosis of Melasma and/or Liver Spots. What exactly does that mean and what can be done about them?

What are Melasma and Liver Spots?

Liver Spots are called by several names. You may know them as Age or Sun Spots or simply Brown Spots.  A Liver Spot by any other name is still just hyperpigmentation in the skin; most often caused by sun damage. Age Spots, as you can guess by the name, are generally associated with age, and may be found on the face, neck, hands, shoulders and chest.

treatment for dark spots Miami

Halo Facial Treatment

Melasma, on the other hand, is more closely associated with hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy, birth control use and menopause. Some people with naturally darker pigmented skin or a family history of the condition have a higher chance of developing Melasma. While Melasma may occur in any exposed skin (such as the arms and hands0, it is most commonly found on the face and more frequently in women than men.

Treatments for The Splotches

Age spots and Melasma are not only non-cancerous, but they are also treatable. The Med Spa team at 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery have a variety of available treatments for skin tone restoration. Laser treatments, chemical peels and skin resurfacing can be effective in removing darkened skin. Each of these techniques removes the outer, discolored skin to reveal a new, younger surface.

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