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Pectoral Implants for Men in Miami

Posted January 10, 2022 in Pecotral Implant Etching, Male Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery

pectoral implants in MiamiDespite faithfully adhering to a healthy diet and workout routine, it is often difficult to develop the pectoral muscles. For some men, a flat or underdeveloped chest can make them feel self-conscious, especially at the gym, the beach or around a pool. Unlike female breast augmentation, male pectoral implants are firmer, thinner and squared off (or oval, depending on your body shape). The firmness and shape provide the chiseled, muscular look you are after.

How Does Male Pectoral Augmentation Work?

A skilled plastic surgeon can determine if you are a candidate for pectoral implants. In most cases, you need twenty percent body fat for the implant to look believable and to prevent unnatural stretching of the chest area. If you already have a significant difference between each side of your chest, specialized implants may be needed.

For most men looking to enhance their physique, the pectoral implants procedure takes approximately two hours and uses a small incision in the armpit or under the pectoral area. The implants are then placed under the chest muscles. This positioning keeps them in place and looking natural.

Male Pectoral Implants Recovery Time

Following your surgery, you can expect to return to work in about one week, but you will have to refrain from significant physical activity for four to six weeks. Your new pectoral enhancements may be swollen and bruised, and it should resolve itself after a few weeks. While the swelling exists, you may feel your pectorals look too big or feel too hard. This is normal, and once the swelling subsides, they will look and feel more natural.

Getting the Most from Your Procedure

It is important to have realistic expectations. Based on your natural physique, your surgeon can help determine the correct size and shape of your implants, as well as help you understand what to expect in terms of appearance and recovery.

Your surgeon at 4 Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery will also examine your overall body shape. Other contouring procedures, such as liposuction, fat redistribution, tummy tuck or abdominal etching, can ensure you have the most sculpted and chiseled physique possible. To find out more about pectoral implants for men, call us today to schedule a consultation at 305-860-0717. You may also contact us online.

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