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Miami Thong Lift with Dr. Mendieta

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What is a Miami Thong Lift

Many women seek a firm, round butt. They are often disappointed by exercises that claim to tighten and enhance the buttock muscles. If you desire voluptuous curves (similar to many celebrities), then the Miami thong lift may be an excellent choice for you. By contouring the behind, the Miami thong lift is designed to enhance, sculpt, and lift the rear.

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Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Miami Thong Lift?

During your consultation with Dr. Mendieta, your medical history, concerns, and preferences will be discussed. Then a treatment plan will be created.

Ideal candidates for a Miami thong lift can relate to some or all of the following concerns:

  • Fat deposits or fullness in the thighs, hips or stomach
  • Flat or sagging buttocks
  • Deflated-looking rear end
  • Dissatisfaction with the size or shape of their derrière

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How is a Miami Thong Lift Performed?

  • First Step

    This Miami Thong Lift with Dr. Mendieta is typically completed under local anesthesia; and is performed on an outpatient basis. Anesthesia is administered to ensure a comfortable, safe surgery.

  • Second Step

    A tiny incision is gently made between the buttocks, in the inner gluteal fold, and liposuction is delicately performed. The harvested fat is then purified to prepare for transfer.

  • Third Step

    Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, can address drooping in the buttocks. This is done by injecting the purified fat into the layers of muscle in the butt. By adding volume to inflate and improve the shape of the backside, the desired results can be achieved.

  • Fourth Step

    Sutures are applied to provide suspension for a lift of the posterior. The grafted fat will develop its own blood supply over time.

What is Recovery after a Miami Thong Lift Like?

Bruising, swelling, and discomfort can be expected to last for one or two weeks. Many patients resume work and limited activities after ten days. Your symptoms can take up to six weeks to subside. Resting, following your post-operative care instructions, and getting plenty of sleep will help aid in your recovery.


Light to moderate exercise can be reintroduced after four weeks unless otherwise noted by your surgeon.

What Results Can I Expect From a Miami Thong Lift?

Incisions are strategically placed between the buttock cheeks to prevent visible scarring.  This is so the results include a shapelier behind with scars that are covered by a thong (hence the name of the procedure). The booty will receive volume and appear curvier and in a higher position. Some of the transferred fat may be naturally absorbed into the body.  For that reason, results may take a month to fully develop.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Miami Thong Lift

  • Are the Results Permanent?

    The fat removed during the Miami Thong Lift procedure is permanently gone. But some of the transferred fat cells may be absorbed by the body. Only the strongest, healthiest cells will develop a blood supply and remain intact. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help retain your outcome, which should be long-lasting.

  • How Much Does a Miami Thong Lift Cost?

    Everyone’s procedure will vary depending on the desired results. The techniques utilized; surgical fees; anesthesia preferences; and other contributing factors will change your pricing. Your individual costs will be discussed during your consultation. There are some great financing options available.

  • Will Insurance Cover My Procedure?

    Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance. You can discuss payment options and financing during your consultation.

  • Will a Miami Thong Lift Leave Scars?

    A small incision needs to be made to complete the Miami Thong Lift procedure. However, the incision is made without significant depth, so it doesn’t leave a significant scar (if any at all). Any presence of a scar will fade over time. You can use anti-scar creams to speed up the fading process.

  • Will Sutures Need to Be Removed after the Lift Procedure?

    Typically, the sutures are placed under the skin and don’t need to be removed after the surgery.

  • How Long Does the Miami Thong Lift Operation Take?

    The Miami thong lift surgery operation time varies from patient to patient but typically takes one to two hours.

  • Do I Need a Partner to Take Me Home after Surgery?

    Yes. You will need someone to drive you home after your surgery. It would also be helpful to plan some assistance during your recovery time (i.e. for household chores, cooking, childcare, etc.).

  • If I Gain Weight, Will My Thong Lift Results Be Changed?

    Yes. Weight gain can impact the results of the Thong Lift procedure. Patients are encouraged to continue a healthy lifestyle. And do their best to maintain a steady weight to keep the procedure’s results.

  • Are Some People Not Candidates for the Miami Thong Lift?

    When you schedule a consultation, your doctor will discuss all the relevant details to determine if you are the right candidate for the thong procedure. The doctor will ask about your general health and any drugs or medications you are currently on. Patients who are taking certain medications; are smokers; or are in poor health; may need to make some changes before proceeding with a Miami thong lift. This is for the overall safety of the patient.

    For example, smoking can significantly interfere with recovery. So patients are asked to quit smoking several weeks before and after the procedure.

  • Why Choose a Miami Thong Lift vs Butt Implants?

    Patients often choose the Miami thong lift; as it gives more natural results than butt implants. Additionally, a Miami thong lift is a less invasive procedure and more affordable. However, if you are considering both, consult with a plastic surgeon. He or she will advise you as to which procedure would better align with your desired outcome.

  • When Will I See Results from My Procedure?

    There will be some initial bruising and swelling post-operation, which will hide the results initially. As the swelling and bruising subsides over one to two weeks, you will be able to see the full outcome of the surgery.

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