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The Positive Effects of Plastic Surgery*

Posted May 29, 2013 in English

When it comes to the topic of plastic surgery, controversy strikes. Many people believe that patients who undergo plastic surgery are putting themselves at risk for pain or other health risks (all in the name of beauty).* While it is true that there are various risks and side effects with different plastic surgery procedures, researchers have found that plastic surgery can provide numerous positive psychological effects in the long run.*

Recent Studies Show the Positive Effects of Plastic Surgery

In March 2013, European scientists published an article in Clinical Psychological Science, A Journal for the Association for Psychological Science regarding the psychological effects of plastic surgery. The study compared a group of 544 people who had plastic surgery with a group of 264 who were interested in plastic surgery but had not undergone any procedure.

the positive effects of plastic surgery

Study Following 1 Year Post Plastic Surgery Surgery

The study followed these people for 1 year post surgery. They found that those who were unhappy with a particular physical feature, and underwent plastic surgery to correct that feature, were more positive about their outcome 1 year after surgery than those who were unhappy with a particular physical feature and chose not to undergo plastic surgery.


The results of this study revealed that those who underwent plastic surgery generally had positive psychological effects across all areas, inclupositive effects of plastic surgeryding producing increased feelings of quality of life, life satisfaction, attractiveness, self-esteem, and well-being.*

The study concluded that for people who are dissatisfied with a particular facial feature and are considering plastic surgery to improve that feature, those who undergo plastic surgery appear to benefit psychologically more than those who do not undergo plastic surgery.*

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Enjoy the Positive Effects of Plastic Surgery!

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