Patient Stories

Patient F*

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift Another proud member of the Body Shop is a 27-year-old singer and mother-of-three who went from working out and dieting obsessively for a body that wasn’t making her happy to the ideal Miami (or ‘Sofia’) shape after treatment with Dr Mendieta. Before After “ Going for a day at the beach…

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Patient J*

Not long ago, Jeff Vickers, who owns a construction company, had surgery to address something that had, fittingly, been the butt of jokes.     “I’m not a girl so I’m not worried about having a table back there you could sit a coffee cup on, I just wanted to be able to put on…

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Patient S*

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift Steph is a registered nurse who was unhappy with the way she looked out of her scrubs. Specifically, the Miami native said she was unhappy with the size and shape of her butt. “This is a dream come true and I feel AMAZING!“* Butt Lift Surgery Information* Steph is a registered…

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Best Friends

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift These two best friends do everything together, and we mean everything! Madelyn Schick and Jacquelyn Fonseca got, get ready for this, butt lifts together.* Before After “ We wanted to look like Kim Kardashian, so we went to Dr. Constantino Mendieta!“* Butt Lift Surgery Information These two best friends do everything…

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