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What Are My Breast Augmentation Options?

Posted May 03, 2021 in Butt Augmentation, Breast Implants

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Once you decide breast augmentation is right for you, there are a few other choices you will need to make. You have several options with breast augmentation, from implant selection to combining breast procedures. 

Plastic surgeons holding a stack of silicone breast implants with gloved hands.

Keep reading for a comprehensive outline of what you will need to design your breast augmentation.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast implant surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that looks to change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

Breast Implant Options

When it comes to breast augmentation options, the first choice you’ll need to make is the kind of implants you want. There are two options to choose from: saline implants and silicone implants.

Saline Implants

Saline implants have been used since the 1960s and are available to anyone 18 and older. While the outer lining is made of silicone, the shell is inserted empty and then filled with sterile water (saline). 

The benefit of this approach is that it requires a much smaller incision. 

Most people report that saline implants are more firm, making them less natural. Lastly, saline implants are more easily seen under the skin and can have a “rippling” effect, making them noticeable.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are newer to the market and available to women 22 and older. These implants are made entirely of silicone, which feels similar to human fat and gives the breasts a more natural feeling. 

The drawback with silicone implants is that it is more challenging to identify a rupture; however, even with that, modern silicone implants are using a more cohesive gel, meaning that the gel should stay within the capsule should a rupture occur.

When it comes to breast augmentation cost, saline implants are typically more affordable than silicone.

During your consultation with Dr. Mendieta, you will also need to discuss other implant-specific options, including implant profile, implant shape, and implant texture. Dr. Mendieta will explain how these options can change your augmentation at that time. He will also determine the correct incision placement for your needs.

What Is Breast Augmentation With Transfer?

Another option is breast augmentation with fat grafting. This procedure uses liposuction to take fat before injecting it into the breast. This offers the most natural breast augmentation results as there are no implants used. 

However, note that this option can only provide a slight increase in breast size.

Will I Need to Combine a Breast Lift With My Breast Augmentation?

It’s quite common for women to choose a combination breast surgery approach. 

Many patients choose to get a breast augmentation with lift. This is because while breast augmentation can increase the size and change the shape of the breasts, it cannot lift them.

 And, if you think you will end up getting a breast lift later, you may as well combine the procedures to save yourself money and recovery time! 

You can discuss your combination options during your consultation.

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