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A well-proportioned body is a thing of beauty, and breasts are a major feature of the figure. Breasts that are too small or too large can affect how you view yourself. Exercising to achieve the breast size you desire is not always successful. When exercises fail you, 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery can fill in the gap and help you achieve the perfect balance you seek.

We offer various treatment options to address a variety of situations:

If you are not satisfied with the way your breasts look or if they are causing you problems, 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery can help you.

Too Large or Too Small

Large breasts are often desirable, unless they are too large. Oversized breasts can cause back problems. Some women experience chronic back pain due to the size of their breasts. Breast reduction can eliminate that problem without having a negative impact on your figure. When performed with skill, breast reduction can actually enhance your appearance by balancing the proportions of your figure while addressing your back pain issues.

Many women seek breast augmentation when they feel their breasts are too small. Our doctors consult with you to identify the correct size that will enhance your appearance, adding voluptuous curves to your body. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular enhancement procedures requested. If you desire a shapelier bust, this procedure is for you.

Other Procedures

4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery also provides procedures to repair damage caused by capsular contracture. Although rare, this condition hardens the scar tissue around breast implants and can cause a tight feeling in the breast.

The breast lift restores drooping breasts to a more youthful position. Drooping or deflated breasts can be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight or aging. The breast lift eliminates excess skin and creates firmer breasts for a more flattering look.

Discover the ways in which you can enhance your appearance by contacting 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery today. Schedule your consultation appointment with one of our doctors for more information on how we can help you achieve your perfect look.

Breast Ehancement

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