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Male Cosmetic Procedures

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Male Cosmetic Procedures with Dr. Mendieta

Cosmetic changes are not just for women seeking to improve their looks. Men also have the desire to look their best. They, too, are affected by aging skin, ineffective exercise routines and other issues that can have a negative impact on their appearance. This can affect their sense of self-confidence and well-being. At 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery, we address the concerns men have about their bodies and help them achieve the look they desire.

We offer various treatments and procedures to address the unique needs men have in order to enhance their appearance and look their best.

Below are Some of the Most Popular Male Cosmetic Procedures:

Men may not discuss their physical issues with each other the way women are known to do. But that does not mean they do not have concerns about these issues. Many males have the same desire as females to look their best. And they seek treatments to help them achieve their ideal appearance.

An Increase in Male Cosmetic Procedures Since 2000

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that there has been a 28% increase in male cosmetic procedures since 2000. Men are catching on that they can get help in looking their best.

Dr. Mendieta’s Miami center for plastic surgery provides services such as body contouring, so you can finally expose that six-pack you have been working so hard to achieve. Exercising does not always produce the desired results, but a cosmetic procedure can help make it happen.

You can put your best face forward with Botox® for men. This non surgical procedure minimizes the wrinkles that add years to your face and produces a smooth, youthful look.

Liposuction for men can reduce the spare tire that does not want to come off (even though you spend hours in the gym). This extra fat may be due to hormonal changes that can cause the area around your waist to become resistant to diet and exercise.

4Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your best look. Call us today at 305-860-0717 to schedule a consultation appointment. One of our doctors will speak with you and help you choose the procedures that will help you achieve your goal of looking your best. You may also contact us online.

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