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How to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

Buccal lipectomy is a facial cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of fat pads from the face to provide a more sculpted visage. The surgery is an effective way of reducing “chubby” cheeks to preference. Dr. Mendieta is a plastic surgeon who helps his patients achieve a better aesthetic appearance with buccal lipectomy. Buccal fat removal can augment other facial cosmetic procedures when necessary, or be performed on its own.

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Ideal Candidates for a Buccal Lipectomy

Everyone has buccal fat pads, but some have more voluminous ones than others due to genetic variation or being overweight. An overly round face can cause people to feel very uncomfortable with their facial appearance.

Ideal candidates for buccal lipectomy can relate to some or all of the following concerns:

  • Unhappy with a round, baby-like face
  • The desire to have a lean, sculpted face
  • At a consistent, stable weight
  • Physically in good health
  • Ready to change their appearance

Buccal Lipectomy Technique

Surgical Removal
Buccal lipectomy is a simple process for removing fatty tissue from the face. The patient is given either local or general anesthesia. Your medical professional will make the best decision for you in regards to anesthesia. Next, a small incision is made on the inside of the cheeks. From these small incisions, the fat pads are removed. The incisions are stitched together as the final step in the surgery.

  • Recovery

    In most cases, recovery is light, and aftercare is simple. Patients are often released to go home within 24 hours of the treatment. Since the surgery takes place inside of the mouth, there is not any visible scarring.

    Healing is often quick with an average recovery time of several days to a few weeks. Be careful not to play with your stitches as this could inhibit your healing process.

    The maximum benefits of buccal lipectomy can be observed about one month after the procedure. Symptoms may include light bruising, soreness, and mild discomfort. The acting surgeon may prescribe patients with pain medication if they feel it is a good option.

    Full healing could last several weeks. Though everyone heals at a different pace. Patients should consult their cosmetic surgeons as to when it is appropriate to resume exercise and physical activity.

  • Results

    After the procedure, the patient will have a more chiseled facial appearance with more prominent cheekbones. There are not any scars. Improvement to the overall appearance of patients is often stunning (even though the changes are subtle and refined).

    Most patients find that they are happier with the way that their face looks and feel more comfortable in their skin as a result.

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