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Why Are Calf Augmentations on the Rise?

Posted February 18, 2021 in Calf Augmentation

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One of the cosmetic procedures that has caught the attention of men everywhere is calf augmentation. Men no longer have to feel embarrassed about the scrawniness of their thin legs or feel as though they need to put more time into their gym routines. Equally so, women can benefit from calf augmentations by accentuating their legs’ curves.

athletic man with defined calf muscles

Here’s how calf augmentation surgery is reshaping legs and lives.

Why Are More Men Getting Calf Implants?

According to experts, male plastic surgery has continued to rise significantly. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has even reported a 29 percent increase in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men from 2000 to 2018. 

Some claim the internet and social media is the culprit behind this cultural shift. Still, it is easy to see how a variety of new cosmetic procedures targeted primarily to men has broken new ground. 

One of these groundbreaking procedures is calf augmentation. Now, men everywhere can have the athletic-looking and masculine legs they’ve always wanted. 

What Do Large Calves Say About a Man?

Large calves on men are usually signs of favorable genetics or an athletic lifestyle, but, most importantly to men, they are a sign of strength. Many men feel their thin legs have a stick or twig-like appearance and understand a fundamental part of looking their best is maintaining a balanced physique. 

Men with larger calves have also been shown to have a smaller chance of having a stroke or experiencing vascular risk factors. Researchers think that is because there may be a link between the body’s ability to store fat in areas like the calves. 

Strong candidates for calf implants may have had difficulty developing substantial muscle growth on their own. While calf augmentations will not directly influence a patient’s fitness or health, implants can certainly give men the confidence boost they need to get back in the gym. 

How Are Calf Augmentations Different for Women?

Men aren’t the only ones who desire a strong and athletic physique. Since the rise of the fitness movement, women have been a leading force in bodybuilding and athletic modeling. 

For women who have experienced injury or congenital conditions that have altered their leg definition, calf augmentation is an essential choice for restoring balance and attractiveness. Your surgeon can also modify your calf augmentation to accommodate feminine beauty ideals and highlight sexy curves. 

Want to Learn More About Calf Augmentations and Body Contouring?

Calf augmentations can be transformative on their own; however, they can also be included with more comprehensive treatments, such as a body lift

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