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From Scrawny to Strapping

Posted June 18, 2018 in Male Plastic Surgery

For decades it seemed as though plastic surgery would never make the break from being something that people considered was only for women. Fortunately, statistics over the past few years have demonstrated that more and more men are finally realizing the benefits of plastic surgery and what it can do for their physique.

Despite what many people may lead you to believe, men care about their appearances just as much as women and the increase in male cosmetic enhancements is proof of that.

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What Can Male Plastic Surgery Achieve?

Many men spend hours at the gym to achieve that ripped gym body. Unfortunately, that desire is far more difficult than it sounds, and for some men, it’s merely impossible. Genetics play just as large of a role as hard work and sweat does when it comes to your physique, and some things are beyond the abilities of even the most dedicated gym-goers. While getting the toned body may not always be possible at the gym, it is possible in the realm of cosmetic surgery.

Muscular Implants

For men, pectoral implants are an ideal way to get the appearance of a chiseled, rock-hard chest. These silicone implants are placed just under the chest muscle to increase both the size and shape of the chest. There is no need to spend hours at the gym only to find no change in your appearance. Pectoral implants take less than two hours to insert and have proven to be long lasting in their results.

Liposuction and Etching

Liposuction has long been used to provide patients with leaner, trimmer physiques. Over recent years, this procedure has been adapted to create abdominal etching. Abdominal etching creates the illusion of six-pack abs by removing small pockets of fat to form ripples. While etching only removes small sections of fat, it can provide your abdomen with an aesthetic overhaul, allowing you the ripped physique you desire.

Fat Transfer

Many men work for improved definition in their calves only to find lackluster results. Similar to the abdomen and chest, genetics come into play, and some men with naturally small calves are not able to build the muscles they desire.

While calf implants are an option to enhance the size and shape of the calves, calf augmentation through fat transfer can provide the natural-looking boost that many men hope for. With fat transfer, donor fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs through liposuction and transferred to the calf muscle through a small incision.

If you are interested in enhancing your gym body and achieving a leaner physique, contact Dr. Mendieta today at 305-860-0717.